How many more good men have to die on the sword of Islamic civil wars?

Tired of the myopic focus on Syria and the platitudes over whether to intervene or not? In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, Daniel is joined by Patrick Poole, the senior national security correspondent for PJ Media and one of the foremost experts on the Middle East (whose views are unfortunately never represented among the smart set in DC). Patrick discusses the folly of focusing on any one player in a vacuum and the need to a take a holistic approach putting our interests first.

Through a deep and far-reaching discussion of the Middle East and Africa, we explore the observations that are missed by the failed foreign policy “wonks” in both parties, who are now dragging this president into the same sinkhole of the past. Many policymakers are missing the fact that Christian parts of Africa are falling to Islamists every week and the media ignore the mass genocide in the region just because the victims are not Muslims engaged in civil wars.

Patrick calls for a complete operational pause and audit of all our engagements in the Middle East – from direct combat, to arming and training dubious and even dangerous entities – so that we can devise a holistic policy that addresses both the Iranian and Sunni Islamist threats from a position of strength and consistency that will serve our interests.

Patrick observes that right now, as it relates to conservatives in this administration, we are like the first wave at Omaha Beach getting mowed down by the swamp creatures. We need a successful second, third, and fourth wave to establish a beachhead, or this administration will be lost on critical national security policies.

Are we going to have our foreign policy dictated by prudence and the facts on the ground as they relate to our interests … or are we going to be goaded into more mistakes by yellow journalism? Patrick Poole navigates the toughest waters of the Middle East swamp.

Key quotes:

“Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations; entangling alliances with none.” Thomas Jefferson

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