Trump and GOP leadership launch their plan to take out Amash

Two weeks ago tomorrow, Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) made headlines when he wrote in a Twitter thread that he believed Trump had “engaged in impeachable conduct” as described in the Mueller report and that Trump’s “Mr. Fix-It” Attorney General Bill Barr had misled the public about Mueller’s conclusions concerning obstruction of justice.

In an article I wrote at the time, I documented how Trump and a swarm of self-seeking, servile-flattering, fawning parasites in the Republican party and the faux-conservative media immediately attacked Amash for daring to suggest Congress should hold Trump accountable.

I also mentioned how the true heart of the Republican Party was about to be exposed following the announcement from State Rep. Jim Lower, a self-proclaimed “pro-Trump” Republican, that he would challenge Amash in the GOP primary, and I wondered If Republican Party leadership would support the incumbent as they always do to protect the party, or would they bow to Dear Leader and work to defeat Amash?

Well, the question is no longer rhetorical, and the answer is as I predicted — they will bow to Dear Leader.

In a fundraising email sent out by a pro-Trump Republican PAC on behalf of the Lower for Congress campaign, we get a taste of just how low the party will go to take out anyone who steps out of line and refuses to give Trump their unconditional and undying loyalty.

The email reads in part (emphasis is Lower’s):

Hi, I’m Jim Lower. You may have seen me on Fox News recently talking about my run for Congress against Rep. Justin Amash, the now notorious Never Trumper.

I believe in President Trump and I fully support him, unlike Amash, who is just another Grandstanding Swamp Creature trying to get attention from the liberal media. Yet he wants to use our party as a vehicle to get on the ballot.

Did you catch the pro-Trump buzz words? FOX News. Swamp Creature. Liberal Media.

The email continues with accusations that sound like they came from the desk of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy himself, who responded to the impeachment tweets with accusations that Amash voted with Pelosi more than he voted with Republicans — a documentable lie.

But Amash, the radical left and the liberal media don’t care about the real world. They only care about catering to far-left activists. They’ll stop at ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to tear down and IMPEACH our President. Amash is now aligned with Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, not with Donald Trump and Leader Kevin McCarthy!

I’ve had enough. That’s why I’m running to defeat President Trump’s number one “Republican” enemy.

Despite being a solidly “Republican Red” district in the last election, our district does not have a Congressman who fully supports President Trump and his winning agenda. We can’t allow that to continue.

As I documented in last week’s article, Amash voted with Trump and House Republicans on 91 percent of the votes in the current Congress, and he carries a 90% (A) Liberty Score® with Conservative Review — a score higher than Ted Cruz’s.

Amash isn’t some far-left loon; he’s a conservative-leaning Libertarian whose loyalty lies with the Constitution, not political parties, and that’s a threat to the Democrat/Republican duopoly’s iron-fisted hold on political power.

Meanwhile, Jim Lower is a lying liar telling lies, which makes him a perfect fit for today’s Republican party where Trumpservatives have traded conservatism for Trumpism.



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