Trump and a swarm of sycophants launch attack on Justin Amash

As you’re probably aware, Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) made headlines this past weekend when he wrote in a Twitter thread that he believes Trump has “engaged in impeachable conduct” as described in the Robert Mueller report. In addition, Amash concluded after reading the report that Trump’s new “Mr. Fix-It”, Attorney General Bill Barr, “intended to mislead the public” about Mueller’s conclusions.

It should come as no surprise that Trump immediately went on the attack, calling Amash a “total lightweight who opposes (him) and some of our great Republican ideas and policies.”

Bringing up the rear, Trumpservative loyalists like House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) attacked Amash as an attention-seeking Republican who “votes more with Nancy Pelosi than his own party.”

Are Trump and McCarthy aware that Amash has voted with Trump and House Republicans on 91 percent of votes in the current Congress? That’s a rhetorical question. Of course, they’re aware, but unconditional fealty to Trump is all that matters, not facts.

It should also come as no surprise that Trump sycophants in the media are also piling on Amash. Leading the way in the attacks is none other than the pro-Trump echo chamber and home of faux conservatives, and

Are these BlazeTV “experts” aware that Justin Amash carries a 90% Liberty Score® (A) with Conservative Review — a score higher than Ted Cruz’s 82% (B)? That’s another rhetorical question. Of course, they’re aware, but fealty over facts.  Remember?

The true heart of the Republican Party is about to be exposed as State Rep. Jim Lower, a self-proclaimed “pro-Trump” Republican, has just announced he will challenge Amash in the GOP primary.

Will party leaders support the incumbent as they always do to protect the party, or will they bow to the wishes of Dear Leader and work to defeat Amash? We already know the answer to that one, don’t we?

There are those who believe Amash is laying the groundwork for a possible presidential run in 2020, an idea for which I have already expressed my support. He would most likely run as a third-party candidate, and as someone who believes in the need for creating a new party to destroy the Democrat/Republican duopoly, I would love to see a serious third-party campaign because it would give America the opportunity to vote principle instead of party.

Despite claims to the contrary by Trump and his cult, Amash is displaying the kind of courage we need to see a lot more of if we’re to have any hope of seeing our Constitutional Republic restored.



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