Americans deserve a voice on Supreme Court vacancies, unless . . .

Supreme Court vacancies

In the article I wrote yesterday, I made a point about how the Supreme Court will likely avoid taking cases that threaten Roe v. Wade because the judiciary has become so politicized that it can no longer be counted on to uphold the rule of law — the tragic reality of politicians nominating and confirming judges based on how they will protect political interests instead of the Constitution.

In 2016, one of the primary reasons so-called conservatives supported Trump over Hillary was to help him “rebuild” the judiciary after eight years of Obama appointments and “protect” the Supreme Court from drifting leftward if/when future openings occurred.

What we were really being told was “the Democrats have been in control of the courts for eight years, now it’s our turn.” In other words, Republicans were only looking out for the party’s interest, not America’s.

Do you remember Merrick Garland? He was nominated for the Supreme Court in 2016 by Barack Obama to replace Antonin Scalia after his sudden passing.

While a valid argument existed concerning Garland’s Constitutional bona fides, Mitch McConnell took the position that a replacement should wait until after a presidential election because “the American people must have a voice … on filling the Supreme Court vacancies.” But apparently, the people don’t deserve a voice when Donald Trump is making the nomination during an election.

In a recent email from Team McConnell, Mickey said the so-called “Garland Rule” won’t apply if a Supreme Court seat opens up between now and 2020, and he’s using this “commitment” … wait for it … to raise money for his re-election.

Hmm … Using the Supreme Court as a campaign issue. Is it just me, or does that sound like another recycled campaign promise? Nah, it couldn’t be. Republicans wouldn’t try that again, would they?

I’m proud to have stopped President Obama from filling the vacancy on the Supreme Court in 2016. A Senate chamber controlled by the opposite party of a President is not obligated to confirm their Supreme Court pick during a presidential election. Period.
And as the leader of the Republican Majority of the U.S. Senate, it’s my job to stop left-wing policies from becoming laws and activist judges from joining the bench.
But if there’s a vacancy on the Supreme Court in 2020, I will proudly confirm President Trump’s nominee.
Sure, the Left and their allies in the media will go crazy. The Democrats will raise MILLIONS to defeat me. That won’t stop us from putting another conservative Justice on the Supreme Court.
But I will need your help to fight back. Which is why I’m counting on your support. Can you chip-in right now?
Thank you for your support.
Mitch McConnell

Self-interested political balderdash! Let’s break it down paragraph by paragraph:

Paragraph 1: The Constitution doesn’t obligate the Senate to vote on any nominee, regardless of political labels, nor does it restrict such a vote from occurring during a presidential election. However, in a system where politics matter more than the Constitution, McConnell’s position is perfectly acceptable.

Paragraph 2: The Supreme Court doesn’t make law; that’s Congress’ job. Instead, Republicans like McConnell use the courts to hide the fact they are only pretending to do the job they were elected to do. They pass their constitutional responsibilities off on the courts and then blame them for their ineptitude (see: abortion and Obamacare). This political practice is standard operating procedure for the GOP.

And as far as left-wing policies and activist judges are concerned, Republicans have been giving us that for years.

Paragraph 3: As mentioned above, McConnell doesn’t believe people deserve a voice if Donald Trump is making the nomination during an election. Partisanship over principles. Always.

Paragraph 4: The “Right” and their allies in the media (see: BlazeTV) will do the same for the GOP. By the way, we’re still waiting for the first conservative justice to be appointed.

Paragraph 5: No.

As I referenced yesterday, the Founding Fathers never intended for the Supreme Court to have the power it’s been given, and that’s not likely to change so long as the Democrat/Republican duopoly continues to benefit under the current broken system.

The Constitution and the rule of law are fading into history due to years of politicizing the judiciary. Trump and the GOP are promising to continue the destruction, and they believe that should earn them your money and your vote.



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