Republican Congress to blame for Obamacare ruling

Double FacepalmThe Supreme Court struck another blow to liberty with its second consecutive ruling supporting Obamacare. Just as before, the court had to rewrite the law in order to make it fit their ruling. In 2012, John Roberts changed the law when he ruled that the individual mandate—clearly unconstitutional as a mandate—was really a tax, and therefore legal. In yesterday’s ruling with King v. Burwell, he decided that an exchange NOT created by a state actually IS “an exchange created by a state.”

And while it is popular to scream—justifiably—about judicial tyranny and executive power abuse, I must squarely place the blame for this travesty where it belongs… a castrated Republican congress. A group all too happy to relinquish their constitutional responsibilities if they can add cash to their coffers.

Under Boehner and McConnell, Congress surrendered the power of the purse granted under the Constitution which has resulted in a virtual rubber stamp on Obama’s socialistic transformation of America. If the House of Representatives had defunded Obamacare as they promised to do last November, this case would have been a mute point.

Sadly, the court’s ruling today provides cover for the RINO leadership. As we learned during this court challenge, Mickey & Company were developing an Obamacare-lite to replace the subsidies that would have been lost if the Roberts-led court had ruled the other way, which would have been terribly unpopular with the conservative base of the party. Now they don’t have to worry about it.

In fact, by ruling as they did, the Supremes set up the Republicans to be the “good guys.” McConnell and Boehner can put up the pretense of a fight with a: “It wasn’t us! It was Obama and the Supreme Court! Give us a Republican President and then see what we can do!”

Yeah, that worked great under George W. Bush, didn’t it?