Susan B. Anthony List exploits abortion for a seat at Trump’s table

It’s a sad reality that many so-called pro-life groups have a lot in common with the likes of organizations like Planned Parenthood when it comes to making millions of dollars from the slaughter of the unborn.

Another commonality shared between those who pretend to fight for an end to abortion and those who openly promote it is the self-interested influence they have with politicians who depend on the financial support these groups willingly contribute to their campaigns in exchange for that influence.

And when it comes time to write the check, the sky’s the limit on how much they’ll spend.

On this 47th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision that opened the floodgates to the “legalized” murder of unborn babies — currently over 61 million and counting — the “non-profit” Susan B. Anthony List has announced plans to spend $52 million to reelect Donald Trump and so-called pro-life senators in 2020.

Calling Trump “the most pro-life president in our nation’s history” — an oft-repeated claim spoken by Fellowship of the Pharisees members like Tony Perkins — Mallory Quigley of Susan B. Anthony List and Women Speak Out PAC said, “[t]he stakes of this election could not be higher,” and she pledged to fight the “Democrats’ abortion radicalism.”

Missing in SBA List’s decision to spend this money is the inconvenient truth that Trump and those pro-life senators have been responsible for billions in taxpayer subsidies to Planned Parenthood. Thanks to Trump’s taxpayer-funded benevolence, the baby butchers had another big year in 2018-2019, receiving a little over $4,000 for each of the 345,672 unborn babies they murdered.

$52 million would probably go a long way to cutting into Planned Parenthood’s bottom line, but why do that when you can use it to buy a seat at Trump’s table?

Speaking of Planned Parenthood, they have pledged $45 million to elect “reproductive champions up and down the ballot” in 2020, which means taxpayers will be financing their pro-abortion agenda. Let me explain.

Assume the lie we are repeatedly fed by Trump, the GOP, and so-called pro-life groups about how money paid to Planned Parenthood isn’t subsidizing abortion is actually true, despite the fungibility of money. This would mean that the “non-abortion income” coming from the government is being used for things other than abortion, say . . . campaign contributions to pro-abortion candidates.

Despite this reality, so-called pro-life groups are unmoved in their dedication to the status quo. In an interview with Trump Pravda (FOX News), CEO of Americans United for Life Catherine Colleen Foster expressed her hope that Planned Parenthood’s plans will fail, and she repeated the ‘most pro-life president’ mantra:

“Planned Parenthood is America’s deadliest nonprofit. We can only hope that the $45 million that Planned Parenthood is pumping into this election cycle will produce the same results that their political engagement did four years ago, and return the most pro-life administration in American history to office alongside a pro-life Congress.”

NEWS FLASH: The “pro-life administration” and “pro-life Congress” she speaks of did absolutely nothing to end abortion when they had 100% control of Washington. If Planned Parenthood’s money produces the same result, they will continue murdering the unborn at taxpayer expense.

Unfortunately, so-called conservatives and Trump-cult evangelicals will believe the lies of pro-life groups and leftist extremists will believe the truth of Planned Parenthood, meaning both groups will vote accordingly in November.

Meanwhile, the slaughter of the unborn continues as pro-life groups continue exploiting the tragedy for a seat at Trump’s table.


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