Reject compromise! America is a kingdom of conscience, or nothing!

Did you know that “the most pro-life president in our nation’s history” appeared live and in person at the 47th annual side show known as the March for Life? It’s true. In the heat of a re-election and an impeachment, Donald Trump reached a new level of desperation as he groveled for support from a group of people who have done a great job of using abortion to make money, organize marches, and gain access to circles of power and influence but very little to end the slaughter of unborn babies.

Before and after the March for Life in Washington, I heard from members of the Trump cult about how Trump’s appearance proved beyond all reasonable doubt that God was doing awesome things through an imperfect man who “is doing more for pro-life than any other president.”

When I pointed out that Trump signed into law several spending bills giving Planned Parenthood billions of dollars since becoming president and how that wasn’t exactly “pro-life,” the conversation devolved into another example of how cowardice and capitulation have replaced courage and conviction in The Age of Trump.

Using another word beginning with “c,” I was told I needed to compromise because it will take many baby steps — not a great choice of words . . . considering — before we’ll see Trump win his great “chess game” against abortion.

Whenever I’m told to compromise now in order to see America turned around later, I’m reminded of a scene in the movie Kingdom of Heaven,” where Queen Sibylla tries to convince Balian to reconsider his decision not to join in a plot to kill her evil husband, Guy, and prevent him from assuming the throne when her brother dies, then marry her and become king for the good of Jerusalem. When he rejects her again, she says these words as he walks away:

Sibylla: “You say no…”

Balian: “Do you think I’m like Guy, that I would sell my soul?”

Sibylla: “There’ll be a day, when you will wish you had done a little evil to do a greater good.”

A little evil for a greater good? This has become the attitude of Trumpists, including those who call themselves evangelicals, and is the true spirit of those who call Trump “God’s Man” and equate his status as an “imperfect” man to King David, a person Scripture tells us was a man “after God’s own heart.” They are heretics using “religious” political rhetoric to call good evil and evil good in a vain attempt to justify their political and spiritual laziness.

In another scene from the movie, Balian is again pressured to reconsider his decision not to join in the plot against Guy, this time by Tiberius, a knight in the King’s service. After all, such a compromise would be for the greater good.

Tiberias: “Who is he that you save his life? He’s a man who hates you, who has insulted you…I play Devil…but for the salvation of this kingdom. Compromise yourself. Jerusalem does not need ‘a perfect knight.’ This is the world.”

Balian: “No. It is a kingdom of conscience or nothing.”

In a culture dominated by moral relativism and ethical compromise, America has become a nation unwilling to make value judgements, and this is particularly true when it comes to the cultural issues of our time. But once the leaders of a nation compromise their morals, they surrender the right to lead, and those who follow them are led to ruin and destruction.

When it comes to our conservative values, we must reject compromise. America is a kingdom of conscience, or nothing!


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