Pro-abortion crowd wants to ‘reduce population’ to end global warming

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Pro-abortion crowd wants to ‘reduce population’ to end global warming

Vice President Kamala Harris let her pro-abortion extremism show last year when she called on the US to “reduce population” in order to bring an end to global warming.

After a groundswell of criticism for making such a claim, the White House issued a “correction” for the gaffe-prone Harris, saying that she meant to say, “reduce pollution.”

It would be nice to assume that this was just another episode of foot-in-mouth disease for Kamala Harris, but the simple fact of the matter is that she “accidentally” revealed a top priority of global warming extremists: Expand sexual and reproductive health “rights” — doublespeak for abortion without limits — around the world to save the planet.

Blaming procreation for so-called climate change has been a common talking point in both the pro-abortion and environmental extremist camps for quite some time.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan in 2015, feminist and founder of MS. Magazine, Gloria Steinem, stated that “. . . the human load on the earth is the biggest cause of global warming, and that’s because of forcing women to have children they would not on their own choose to have . . .” — or as Barack Obama once said, “punished” to have.

In September 2016, a ceremony was held to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the genocide of black Americans in Memphis, TN (a.k.a. the opening of Planned Parenthood in that city) where Steinem gave a speech calling the murder of millions of unborn babies and harvesting their body parts for sale on the black market a “fundamental right,” and she further stated that so-called “forced childbirth” was the “single biggest cause of global warming.”

In November 2017, a group of world scientists released a “Warning to Humankind” to bring an end to “environmental destruction” in order to avoid the inevitability of “vast human misery.” One of the leading voices behind the document, Oregon State University ecologist, William Ripple, explained the frightening motivation behind its release:

“We are jeopardizing our future by not reining in our intense but geographically and demographically uneven material consumption and by not perceiving continued rapid population growth as a primary driver behind many ecological and even societal threats.” (Emphasis mine)

Throughout his presidency, Barack Obama used the global warming lie to justify murdering the unborn.

Under the guidance of Science Czar, John Holdren — a man who believed in fighting global warming through population control via forced abortions, infanticide, and mandatory mass sterilization — Obama promoted the idea that fewer babies can save us from global warming, and he even used it to demand abortion coverage under Obamacare.

When you consider that he was vice president during the Obama years, it should come as no surprise to see Joe Biden — via Kamala Harris — push for abortion-on-demand without limits as the cure for the global warming lie.

Birth control, smaller families, and abortion without limits as a means to fight global warming is a key part of Population Matters, a radical far-left group dedicated to the proposition that “population stabilization [is] a necessary condition for a sustainable future in which all of humanity thrives, and one which we must all take responsibility for, wherever we live, wherever we can.”

In a publicity stunt at the U.N. Climate Summit in November 2021 (#COP26), the environmental extremist organization put their propaganda on full display for all to see:

#BigBaby is inflated and ready to spread the message that choosing a #smallfamily is one of the most powerful eco-actions individuals in the Global North can take. #COP26

With Donald Trump now the presumptive Republican nominee for president in 2024, I have a word for the “Donald Trump won’t do this” crowd: he’s already calling on the GOP to back off of the abortion issue even as the number of murdered unborn babies is on the rise. And get this, his administration played a role during his first term to advance the “more abortions are the cure for global warming” agenda.

In August 2018, Ivanka Trump convinced daddy to nominate Kelvin Droegemeier to head up the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy as his “science advisor.”

Droegemeier was in charge of weather and climate research at the University of Oklahoma at the time, and he had served as an advisor to numerous Democrat governors on energy and climate issues. It was his belief that government-financed action was needed to address so-called “climate change,” and his nomination was praised by global warming advocates and his predecessor, former science advisor under Obama, John Holdren.

Yes, that John Holdren. The same guy who pushed mass sterilization and abortion as the solution to global warming during the Obama years approved of the selection of Droegemeier to replace him as Trump’s science advisor. The nomination also received support from Kei Koizumi, who served under Holdren.

In expressing his support for the nomination, Holdren said Droegemeier “has the skills to get a lot done,” and called him “a solid choice.” Holdren also said, “He’s been a serious climate scientist, and he’s been a serious advisor to people in positions of influence.”

Droegemeier wasn’t a new face in the global warming discussion. At the time of his nomination, the “climate scientist” had already spent 12 years on the National Science Board under George W. Bush and Barack Obama. While it was Obama who signed the Paris climate accord, the controversial treaty first got its legs in the waning days of Bush’s presidency.

Droegemeier had a documented history of being a radical proponent of the global warming lie, yet he was nominated by Trump and confirmed by Mitch McConnell and the Republican-controlled Senate in January 2019; he served until January 2021.

One year before the 2020 election, a group of over 11,000 “scientists” published a warning in Bioscience stating that the only way to deal with global warming — they called it a “climate emergency” — was to increase “family-planning” policies (aka abortion, contraception, and sterilization) in order to “reduce” the number of people in the world.

Desperate for a win in 2020, Trump elected to “soften the rhetoric” concerning global warming by shifting his position on the issue and adopting pro-environment messaging to appease the radical environmentalist demographic whose votes he needed in states like Florida.

And here’s a hypothetical question for you: is it possible that Droegemeier influenced Trump and the Republican Party to give record-breaking billions in taxpayer funds to Planned Parenthood instead of defunding them as they repeatedly promised?

Population control has become a bigger part of Joe Biden’s abortion without limits agenda — along with his global warming agenda — which is why we are seeing millions of dollars going to countries around the world to murder unborn babies. 

Most likely, it’s also the reason the pro-abortion crowd will continue calling on the US to reduce population to end global warming.


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