Forget defunding – Planned Parenthood should be prosecuted!

Abortion - selling body parts

Last week the House of Representatives passed the Defund Planned Parenthood Act of 2015, a make-believe effort to end funding abortions with taxpayer money. I say make-believe because it’s only for a year, and funding is restored if Planned Parenthood provides proof that they aren’t providing abortion services during that one-year period. Much like Iran’s ability to conduct their own inspections under the Obama nuke deal, this loophole means the bill is essentially worthless.

And even if it was the perfect bill, it will now go to the Senate where Mitch McConnell will stomp his feet on the Sunday news shows while pretending to act on it. And then spend the next few months blaming Democrats and Obama for his failure to do his job.

The really disgusting part of this whole scenario is that funding Planned Parenthood isn’t the issue. Planned Parenthood has been involved in unethical and probably illegal activities. They should be prosecuted, not defunded.

You’re probably aware of the pro-life activists from The Center for Medical Progress where they posed as fetal tissue buyers in meetings with Planned Parenthood employees, and then posted the videos showing the disgusting truth about the baby-killing factory. Here are eight things we’ve learned from the videos according to a story by

  1. Planned Parenthood is selling organs from aborted babies.
  2. Abortion doctors made jokes about the babies they killed.
  3. Abortions are sometimes performed ON BABIES AS THEY’RE BEING BORN.
  4. Abortion providers sometimes use a special drug (digoxin) to kill the baby in the womb in order to avoid the possibility of a partial birth abortion and/or to tenderize the baby to make extraction easier.
  5. Because digoxin damages the baby’s tissue, some abortionists prefer to crush the unborn baby.
  6. One video showed how a baby born fully intact had its face cut off to harvest its brains.
  7. Abortionists can make the heart of an aborted baby beat and often do so to keep parts fresh.
  8. Major news media have refused to cover this holocaust.

You can find out more on these eight revelations by checking out

The bottom line of the situation is this: if there was any doubt about what really happens when a woman chooses to have an abortion, those doubts have been removed by these videos. We aren’t dealing with a glob of tissue; we are dealing with a living human being who ends up murdered from this procedure.

And even if you don’t agree with the reality of life beginning at conception, these videos have produced enough evidence to justify a full investigation into the illegal harvesting by Planned Parenthood of the body parts from these murder victims.

De-funding Planned Parenthood? How about charging them for their crimes and shutting them down?


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