Liberals and Donald Trump equally to blame for recent violence

Trump fight poseOver the past several days, the Donald Trump presidential campaign has seen several near riots take place at rallies across the country, most notably St. Louis, MO. and Chicago, IL. on Friday and Kansas City, MO. on Saturday. Things got so serious at the Chicago rally that it was cancelled due to security concerns, and police in Kansas City had to resort to using pepper spray on numerous crowds.

Much had been written about various left-wing groups and their involvement in the protests leading to these clashes, and much of that is true. But there has been an effort by the Trump campaign to use these events as an excuse to encourage his followers to rise up and retaliate. And while he cries about how his right to Free Speech is being infringed, he actively advocates violence as a means of denying those rights to any who disagree with him.

Clearly some of the fault for the nearly routine violence we are witnessing at Trump’s events falls directly at the feet of radical leftists like George Soros and Barack Obama as they feed discord, particularly between blacks and whites, for their personal political gain. However, it is undeniable that Donald Trump does the same thing for the same reason. Evidence of this fact can be seen in the official responses of the Trump campaign as they freely brag about how these riots have garnered them sympathy with voters and increases attendance at their events.

Meanwhile, Trump appears to be ready to make good on a promise he made during the Iowa Caucuses that he would pay the legal fees for any follower who “knocked the crap out” of protesters. On Meet The Press yesterday, Trump confirmed that he has instructed his people to look into paying the legal fees of a man who cold-cocked a black man, then later threatened to kill him for his display of “un-American” behavior:

Free speech is vital to our rights as citizens and the survival of our great Republic, but just as you can’t yell “fire” in a crowded theater, you can’t freely advocate violence against people who disagree with you; particularly when you are seeking the highest office in the land.

Trump once claimed that he could openly murder someone and not lose any of his supporters. If things don’t change in Trumpland soon, one of them might do that for him.


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