In 2024, could we be witnesses to the end of liberty in America?

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In 2024, could we be witnesses to the end of liberty in America?

I think it’s pretty safe to say the threat to liberty is the worst it’s ever been in our lifetime, and as we enter the year 2024, I also think that we could possibly be witnesses to the last days of freedom in America.

Defending liberty and conservatism has always meant walking a lonely road — particularly in the Age of Trump — and even though the odds are almost always stacked against me, I have continued fighting the Republican establishment and the Trumpists who are working in 2024 to bring an end to liberty in order to protect the party’s agenda.

In the months and years since the 2020 election, where the only winner was the Republican/Democrat duopoly, I’ve been hammered by friend and foe alike for not bowing my knee to King Trump, and for demanding that we change the game. Ever since that election, my heart has grown heavier; not because of the outcome of an election between a Tomayto and a Tomahto, but because many of my now former allies decided to buy into Trump’s plan to remain in office by hook or by crook. People who should have known better chose lies over truth; spreading QAnon conspiracy theories in support of Trump’s attempt to steal the election.

I’m saddened by the spiritual sickness that permeates Americans in 2024; how they have lost their heart of liberty and how they vainly seek to find it again in Washington politics instead of returning to God, the Constitution and conservatism. I’m also saddened by the faux conservatives in media who, because of my non-compromising support of conservatism, put me in the position where I was forced to part ways with the Salem Radio Network and former allies working for the pro-Trump echo chamber at BlazeTV.

In a piece written by commentator John Daly for shortly after the 2020 election, he showed us how faux conservatives willingly threw out their principles, their values, and their dignity for a seat at Trump’s table:

Particularly unsettling was watching a number of 2016 election-era “Never Trump” conservatives, upon realizing what Trump’s White House tenure could mean for their careers, do a rhetorical about-face on much of what they’d stood and spoken out for over many years. They even started publicly attacking their conservative colleagues (including friends), for still saying what they themselves had been saying just months earlier.

Principles were out. Trump-partisanship was in. And little has changed since then.

Those who chose to maintain their intellectual consistency, personal integrity, and conservative sensibilities paid a significant professional price in the era of Trump — a price that included lost radio shows, less air-time, contributor contracts not being renewed, speaking engagements drying up, and far fewer web-hits.

Those who sold out, by and large, reached new professional heights.

Looking back at that time, it’s still pretty striking how easily the political makeover came for some. People like Mollie Hemingway, Mark Levin, and Greg Gutfeld, who were once outspoken Trump critics, turned into some of the president’s most shameless sycophants and defenders. When one looks back at National Review’s famous “Against Trump” issue from 2016, they’ll find contributor names like Glenn Beck, Ben Domenech, Brent Bozell, Katie Pavlich, and Dana Loesch… all of whom now bend over backwards not to say anything the slightest bit disparaging about Trump. Some are even busy at the moment promoting Trump’s 2020 election conspiracy theories. (Emphasis mine)

Under the magnifying glass of Trumpism, there was some hope that conservatism might experience a rebound within the Republican Party after Trump was exposed as the fraud we always knew him to be, but conservatism has been a lost cause ever since John Boehner and Mitch McConnell teamed up to “crush the conservative opposition” while simultaneously advancing the socialist agenda of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi — an agenda McConnell promised to stop in 2020.

As we enter 2024, we could be witnesses to the end of liberty unless America returns to the Constitution. And even though our voices may be drowned out and our efforts mocked and ignored, we must never be silent; we must remain dedicated to speaking the truth.

The power to do the work I’ve been called to do comes from you, the readers and listeners who provide the moral and financial support necessary to fight the war waged against our shared conservative values. Despite what many in the Trump cult believe, George Soros isn’t picking up the tab for my expenses, and my refusal to surrender to the faux-conservative media means I don’t have access to the huge broadcasting platforms enjoyed by the “big talkers.”

In 2024, I remain committed to defending conservatism and conquering the capitulating cowards who have compromised their convictions for convenience. With the loss of so many allies over the past few years, I’m asking again, for those who are able, to consider supporting The Strident Conservative financially because many of the allies of the past have severed ties with me, and yet, I know that with the support of enough allies, we can stand together to defend liberty and conservatism against the lies and deception of the Republican/Democrat duopoly.

If we work together in 2024, I know we can succeed in defeating those who want to see the end of liberty in America . . . because we are ALWAYS RIGHT™.


FOOTNOTE: I’m happy to announce that my book project is well underway. Even though I continue to raise funds to pay for the project, I’ve been successful in getting enough money together to begin. If everything goes according to plan, we should be published in April or May — just in time for the 2024 presidential primaries. Keep the book and The Strident Conservative in your prayers, and if possible, contribute using the donation links found above in the right-hand corner of this page.


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