Kamala Harris confuses Constitution with Democrat playbook

Following her race-baiting feminist performance on the Senate Intelligence Committee earlier this year, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) was reprimanded for her treatment of Jeff Sessions during his confirmation hearing. And while she insisted that her behavior had nothing to do with rumors that she might run for president in 2020, Harris was more than willing to use her time in the spotlight to raise money to finance her political future.

In an interview at the time with NBC, Harris addressed her differences with Donald Trump concerning the “inappropriate” handling of James Comey and Trump’s demand that Comey pledge his loyalty to the president.

“When I think about that, I was a district attorney at San Francisco, the attorney general of California and now a United States senator. I’ve taken the oath many times. The oath was to the constitution of the United States, not an individual.”

Since that time, Harris has been building a platform for her non-existent run at the White House by taking key policy positions that appear to run contrary to the constitution she claims to uphold. In a recent tweet, the CA senator shared a list of what she considers the government’s priorities.

As I’m sure you know, none of these “functions” exist in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution, but you will find them in the pages of the Democrat play book.

As Harris continues to channel her inner Barack Obama, the likelihood that she will run for president will increase. And while Democrats and the media will tout her as a “fresh face,” know that Kamala Harris is a big-government Democrat who pledges her oath to the socialist agenda we’ve seen from the extreme left for over a generation—not the Constitution.


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