Kamala Harris shut down for lacking character, not for being black

Barack Obama, with the help of Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch within his administration, and folks like Al Sharpton outside the administration, routinely identified any opposition to his positions as racism. In the world of the man Louis Farrakhan once called “the messiah,” the only reason anyone could possibly oppose Obama’s awesomeness must be due to the color of his skin.

Of course, Obama isn’t the originator of playing the race-card; it’s been used by Democrats–and even some Republicans–as cover from criticism for decades. However, Obama took the practice to a whole new level and it looks like he has become a role model of sorts to California’s newest Democrat senator, Kamala Harris.

During a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing last week, Harris was officially reprimanded for her overly aggressive interrogation of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. After repeatedly interrupting Rosenstein and preventing him from answering her questions, the head of the committee, Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC), suspended Harris.

On Tuesday this week, Harris returned to her witness intimidation tactics during a hearing with Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Using the same rapid-fire approach she used with Rosenstein, Harris repeatedly interrupted Session and prevented him from answering her questions. This resulted in another suspension.

With this happening twice in one week, how do you think Harris and her supporters responded? Just like Obama would.

Immediately following the hearings with Sessions, the cries of racism–and for good measure, sexism–could be heard throughout the Twitter-verse. A few examples include:

Of course, as Martin Luther King, Jr. would remind us, Harris isn’t being judged by the color of her skin (or gender), but by the content of her character–of which she has none. Harris was shut down because she’s a self-centered egomaniac using her position on the Senate Intel Committee to advance her selfish interests.

By the way, that’s something else she has in common with Obama.


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