“Conservatives” willing to murder unborn babies to pass healthcare

The likelihood that Obamacare would be repealed “root and branch” as Mitch McConnell once promised went the way of the dodo bird once Donald Trump was elected president.*

When you consider Trump’s two-tongued approach to Obamacare repeal—promising to get rid of it while at the same time, promoting single-payer health care, complete with more taxpayer funding, and the outright lies told by McConnell & Company, true conservatives aren’t surprised by the current state of affairs.

Yesterday provided more news from the White House and the Senate concerning the fake repeal of Obamacare.

We begin with a lunch Trump held yesterday with Republican Senators—notice I didn’t say conservative Senators—to discuss the so-called repeal of Obamacare. During the meeting, Trump repudiated the House healthcare bill pushed by Paul Ryan even though he once praised the legislation. Calling the House effort “mean,” he demanded that the Senate create a replacement bill will be “generous, kind,” and show “heart.” He also repeated his promise to spend more money on the whole thing.

So, what will all this look like?

Unfortunately, we aren’t likely to find out until the very end, and then it will be too late. McConnell has embraced the same approach to health care he once condemned when the Democrats used it to pass Obamacare. Under his “leadership,” McConnell is doing everything behind closed doors, has abandoned the committee process, is keeping everything secret until the vote, and will likely force a vote without allowing legislators the opportunity to read the legislation.

By the way, that’s not only how Obamacare was passed, it’s how the House version of Trumpcare was passed.

Meanwhile, we have more bad news about what we’re likely to see come out of the Senate. Chad Pergram, who reports on Congress for FOX News, released a series of tweets yesterday reporting that so-called “conservatives” are willing to compromise on social issues–like murdering unborn babies–in order to pass a healthcare bill.

Besides the obvious betrayal with the repeal of Obamacare, the Republican party continues its leftward evolution as it becomes the Trumplican party. And this proves once again that the GOP is no longer a home for conservatives; we need to look elsewhere for a new home, such as the Federalist Party.

*DISCLAIMER: Using dodo bird, Mitch McConnell, and Donald Trump in the same sentence is purely coincidental.


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