IL GOP governor’s abortion decision proves the “lesser of two evils” lie

As Donald Trump and the GOP establishment continue to break their promises to the American people and engage in backroom deals with Democrats, the cries for the creation of a new political party are growing louder. The Strident Conservative has joined these voices—I favor the Federalist Party—calling for a new party to rise from the rubble of the collapse occurring with the current binary political system, owned and operated by the Republicans and Democrats.

For far too long, Constitution-loving conservatives have believed the lie that we must choose the “lesser of the two evils” without considering, as the old saying goes, that “choosing the lesser of the two evils is still evil.” Meanwhile, we justify compromise and capitulation under the erroneous belief that drinking a little poison won’t kill us since we aren’t drinking the whole bottle.

While the need for a serious move away from the two-party political monopoly is obvious in Washington, it’s needed even more at the state and local levels as we see in this little tidbit from Barack Obama’s home state of Illinois.

From former Governor Rod Blagojevich to the state legislator, recent history has proven how corrupt and untrustworthy Illinois politicians can be. Still, there was a glimmer of hope that the 2014 election of Republican Bruce Rauner over Democrat Pat Quinn—who became governor when Blagojevich was impeached—would bring some semblance of political integrity. But alas, this is today’s Republican Party we’re talking about.

During the campaign, Rauner and his wife assured voters that he had “no social agenda” when asked about issues such as abortion. Even though Rauner and his wife were long-time supporters of the abortion-rights lobby, members of the pro-life community supported his candidacy based on this promise because in their minds, a pro-abortion Republican without a social agenda isn’t as evil as a pro-abortion Democrat who does have a social agenda.

So, guess what happened?

Saying that he had to act “consistent with his values,” Governor Rauner signed House Bill 40 into law—a measure that guarantees that abortion will always be legal in Illinois, even if Roe v. Wade is ever overturned, and that it will be paid for by taxpayers through a massive expansion of Medicaid.

“I am announcing that I am signing House Bill 40. I am being true to my values and my views. I have always been true to those. … I have to make a decision. I have to do what I believe is right for the people of Illinois. And I have to be consistent with my values.

“I personally am pro-choice. I always have been. And I made no qualms about that when I was elected governor. And I have not and never will change my views. I personally believe that a woman should have, must have, the right to decide what goes on in her own body.”

So… being a lying liar and murdering the unborn is consistent with Rauner’s values. Got it!

In a world where values are subject to whatever direction the political winds are blowing, such a move by a RINO isn’t unusual, but it proves once again the need for ending the binary practice of voting for the lesser of two evils . . . and the need for a new political party.


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