Millennials OK with surrendering right to vote to pay student loans

As a Constitutional conservative, I am frightened and saddened at the ignorance and/or indifference the average American seems to have when it comes to the Constitution and our God-given rights.

Particularly troubling has been the willingness of the next generation (ages 18-29) to surrender their First Amendment rights in order to silence speech they disagree with. Free speech on college campuses has been exchanged for politically correct speech as students who care more about their feelings than their freedom attempt to silence so-called hate speech and create “safe spaces” designed to protect them from hearing things they disagree with.

Recent polling shows that a majority of college students favor restricting speech rights on campus, even to the point of disciplinary action being used against students and faculty who might use language “that is considered racist, sexist, (or) homophobic.”

This anti-free speech attitude is further evidenced by the riots we have witnessed at campuses such as UC Berkley as students violently silence voices they don’t agree with.

Interestingly enough, these soldiers of socialist thought have never withdrawn themselves from the opportunity to elect politicians who can help them accelerate the creation of a BORG civilization where everyone is forced to be a part of the collective. One need look no further than the surprisingly strong showing of Bernie Sanders in 2016 to see what I mean.

But in the mind of today’s anti-American student, even elections are now negotiable.

With most students attending college using massive amounts of borrowed money, conditions are ripe for a major financial crisis due to their inability to pay their loans, even with so-called loan forgiveness programs. In the absence of any desire by the entitlement generation to accept responsibility for their choices, millennials are willing to surrender another right—the right to vote.

According to a recent survey by Credible, half of millennials would surrender their right to vote in exchange for having the government forgive their student loans. And if that isn’t sad enough, the survey also showed that only 13.2 percent would be willing to give up texting for student loan forgiveness.

  • 49.8 percent of millennials would relinquish their right to vote in the next two presidential elections.
  • 43.6 percent said they would give up ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft.
  • 42.4 percent would not leave the country for five years.
  • 27 percent would move in with their parents for five years.
  • 13.2 percent would give up texting and other forms of mobile messaging for a year.
  • 8.2 percent would rather pay off their loans themselves.

Texting over the right to vote? The end is much closer than we realize.


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