Georgia will be putting ‘conservative relativism’ on the ballot in 2020

In yesterday’s article, I shared how a condition I’ve come to call “conservative relativism” is slowly but surely destroying conservatism in America. Having never heard the term before, one of my radio listeners asked me to define conservative relativism and to provide an example of what it looks like.

As those who read the article know, I included examples of how modified definitions of conservatism — social conservative, fiscal conservative, etc. — were created by faux conservatives to fit their agenda in a way that made it possible for them to call themselves conservative without taking a stand for conservative values.

This smorgasbord approach to conservatism is how our values were hijacked by Trump and the GOP and how they, along with groups like the House Freedom Caucus, have rebranded conservatism with Trumpism. It’s also the reason why outside organizations like the Senate Conservatives Fund promote Trumpism and why formerly conservative media outlets like BlazeTV have become little more than pro-Trump echo chambers.

And what sellout of conservative values would be complete without the Fellowship of the Pharisees and the cheap grace theology they use to defend Trump’s indefensible behavior?

Now, thanks to what the Republican establishment might consider inconvenient timing, I can provide another example of conservative relativism in action.

Yesterday, Rep. Doug Collins (R) announced his intention to primary Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R) to be the Republican Party nominee on the ticket for the upcoming special election for U.S. Senate in November. As you may recall, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) appointed Loeffler to replace Johnny Isakson in the U.S. Senate after he retired for health reasons, despite Trump’s desire to have Collins appointed due to his unwavering Trumpism.

With the Republican Party wanting one thing and Trump wanting another, a fake intraparty war between the two was waged. In reality, their so-called falling out was merely a charade made to look like they were interested in defending conservative values.

This fake war was a charade then and remains so today because neither Loeffler nor Collins are conservative. Never have been. Never will be. Regardless of who wins the nomination, Trump and the GOP still get what they want because both candidates are on the same non-conservative side.

Loeffler has a questionable history when it comes to conservative issues like abortion, and she’s already volunteered to serve in the Republican anti-conservative army where, as a loyal soldier, she has secured a financial commitment from conservative-hating General Mitch McConnell to support her in the November election. And as far as Collins is concerned, all you need to know about his conservative credentials can be found in his 50% (F) Liberty Score ®.

Assuming the Republican candidate running for U.S. Senate in Georgia wins in November — not a given at this point — citizens of the Peach State will have a full-blown Trumpist representing them in the U.S. Senate, regardless of whether it’s Loeffler or Collins.

Meanwhile, conservative relativism will be the real winner in the end, moving us one step closer to the destruction of conservatism in America.


David Leach is the owner of the Strident Conservative.

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