Faux News’ faux outrage over faux journalist Sean Hannity

Prior to yesterday’s election, Trump wrapped up his 2020 campaign road show disguised as a mid-term election rally in Missouri Monday night.

While filled with the recycled rhetoric and broken promises we’ve come to know from his 2016 campaign, his Missouri appearance also featured two members of Trump Pravda (aka FOX News): Sean Hannity and Jeanine Pirro.

“I have a few people that are right out here, and they’re very special,” Trump said before inviting them to the stage. “They’ve done an incredible job for us. They’ve been with us from the beginning, also.”

If you ever needed an example of how Trump defines “Fake News” and how FOX News has become the official Department of Propaganda for the White House, you have it right there.

Trump praises FOX News because they do “an incredible job” advocating on behalf of his administration which means they say only “good things” about him. And since news is only fake when it’s unflattering to the all-about-me president, that makes FOX News the real news.

When word got out about Hannity joining Trump at the campaign rally, the Trump sycophant took steps to distance himself from the obvious journalistic conflict of interest by assuring his fans that he would not appear on stage with the president.

It really wasn’t necessary for Hannity to do this because everyone knows he and Trump are romantically involved, politically speaking. Besides, it was a lie. Hannity jumped at the chance of getting face time with the object of his affection.

FOX News management is allegedly unhappy with Hannity, saying that it “does not condone” any of its hosts “participating in campaign events” and called it “an unfortunate distraction” that “has been addressed.”

In reaction to this faux outrage from Faux News, Hannity sent out a “sorry, not sorry” tweet insisting that he was “100% truthful” when he said he wouldn’t appear on stage with Trump because it “was not planned.”

Despite claiming not to speak for Trump, Hannity spewed his lame talking points, including calling out the media in attendance as fake news. Following the alleged reprimand from his employer, Hannity issued a clarification about his fake news accusations after realizing that his coworkers were also in attendance. In a tweet, he said that he “was not referring to (his) journalist colleagues at FOX News.”

Yesterday, I wondered whether conservatives would focus on real issues now that the 2018 election is over. Unfortunately, when it comes to Trump Pravda, the answer to that question is clearly, “No.”

Meanwhile, the Rush Limbaughs, Sean Hannitys, Laura Ingrahams, and other so-called conservative media types will continue to do their part to destroy conservatism in exchange for a seat at Trump’s table.



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