Barack Obama had more election day victories than Donald Trump did

The White House spin machine was in typical form yesterday after voters gave Democrats control of the House. Having made the election all about himself, just a he does with everything else, Trump tried to snatch a non-existent victory from the jaws of a real defeat.

True to form and right on cue, so-called conservative media types provided cover for Trump’s Pollyanna interpretation of the election.

Lost in this rainbows-and-unicorns rhetoric is the reality that Trump’s Democrat roots will soon be fully revealed as he willingly makes deals with Nancy Pelosi on a host of Obama-inspired issues, such as healthcare.

This is a greater threat than Trump sycophants are willing to admit. Trump made saving parts of Obamacare and expanding Medicare a GOP issue leading up to Tuesday’s vote. And in her post-election press conference, Pelosi declared that the Democrat’s victory was a mandate to protect these programs.

With Trump serving as Chief Whip in support of making Pelosi House Speaker along with his longtime support of government-run healthcare, I think it’s only a matter of time before he’ll be signing single-payer healthcare into law.

Still, Trump’s inevitable shift from a Republican-in-name-only to a Democrat-in-reality isn’t the only uncovered story from this week’s election; that honor goes to Barack Obama and his long-term strategy of turning America into a Democratic Socialist utopia.

Early in the 2017 special election season, I wrote an article about how Obama and former US Attorney Eric Holder had created the National Democratic Redistricting Committee — a group designed to work at the grass-roots level to elect enough Democrats to state and local governments to give the party control when Congressional redistricting takes place following the 2020 census.

Thanks to the ineptitude of Trump and the GOP, along with a little help from the courts, Obama experienced a significant number of victories, thus bringing him closer to his goals.

Democrats flipped seven gubernatorial offices on Tuesday, gaining the “trifecta of power” (control of the governor’s office and both legislative chambers) in six states: Colorado, Illinois, Maine, Nevada, New Mexico, and New York. Democrats also broke up existing GOP trifectas in Kansas, Michigan, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin.

Before the election, Republicans held the trifecta in twenty-six states, Democrats held it in seven, and seventeen were divided. Post-election, Republicans hold twenty-one, Democrats hold fourteen, and thirteen are divided. Georgia is still undecided.

Earlier this year, I documented how several state-level special elections over the past two years were a bad sign for Republicans and how that would likely impact 2018 and bring Obama closer to his goal of creating decades of Democrat majorities.

Unfortunately, Trumplicans and Trumpservatives were more concerned about themselves and cozying up to the New York liberal with an “R” after his name than they were about doing their jobs — leaving the door wide open for Obama and Holder to have more victories on Tuesday than Trump had.



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