Conservative Comedy Friday – 11/9/18

Welcome to our first post-2018 election/pre-2020 election edition of Conservative Comedy Friday, because election season never really ends, does it?

Amazingly, we’re going to be able to take this look into the future using some classic videos from the past. After all, election season not only never ends, but every election season is pretty much nothing more than recycled broken promises from past elections.

In that spirit, let’s take a comical look at coming attractions for the new campaign season now underway.

Despite evidence to the contrary, Donald Trump hasn’t created the greatest economy in the history of all mankind as he claimed in the days leading up to the election. However, there’s one segment of the economy that has seen some growth since he was elected. This video from Reason TV shows us how Trump’s hard work has revitalized an overlooked industry, SAVING EVERY SINGLE JOB IN AMERICA!

Now that the Democrats will be running things in the House and Republicans will be in charge in the Senate, we’re about to see the return of the blame game played in Washington where one party tries to make the other party look bad in an effort to make their own party look good in the hopes of “earning” votes and contributions for the next election. It’s a classic!

So, what might his look like in practice? If the past is any indication, and it is, you can always accuse your opponent of wanting “people to die.” Check out Reason TV’s Remy.

As the 2020 election season gets underway, one of the golden oldies from past elections sure to be whipped out whenever convenient is the PC (politically correct) card. Without a doubt, snowflakes in both parties love to try inflicting guilt on others playing the PC card even though, as Charlton Heston once stated, “Political correctness is (simply) tyranny with manners.”

Does political correctness sometimes go too far? Of course it does. And as we see in this video by Christian comedian John Crist, it can even make it impossible to enjoy a friendly table game of “Guess Who” between friends.

That’s it for this edition. I hope you’ll take some time to unwind from the circus we know as Washington politics and…

Have a great weekend!


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