Obama, Holder, and tyrannical judges put liberty in the crosshairs

A few weeks ago, I wrote a piece about the possible 2020 presidential run by Barack Obama’s gun-running buddy and fellow race-baiter, former US Attorney General Eric Holder. Not surprisingly, some of my readers dismissed the possibility that Holder could be a serious threat if he were to be the Democrat nominee, even though I warned against taking such a position based on the “behind-the-scenes” work he is doing with Obama.

Well, the wheels of their agenda will be put in motion later this week.

One of the ways Holder and Obama are hoping to shape the political landscape is through the National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC). This group is working at the grass-roots level to elect enough Democrats in state and local government over the next few years, giving them the power to control Congressional Redistricting after the 2020 census.

On Thursday, Obama, who still enjoys a certain amount of popularity, will headline a private fundraiser for NDRC at an undisclosed location in Washington DC. Even though Obama’s involvement is seen as “rare” and “unprecedented,” he enjoys the enthusiastic support of the group looking to gerrymander congressional districts in favor of the Democrats.

Such gerrymandering isn’t unusual; it’s often considered the “spoils of (political) war.” What is unusual, if not dangerous, is the game plan NDRC has incorporated, as we see with Holder’s declaration that he is making so-called “racial fairness” a key part of their strategy.

Obama and Holder are also getting help from the courts, already stacked with Obama appointees, as they exercise their judicial tyranny in favor of the Democrats, even going so far as to invalidate legally redrawn legislative maps at the federal and state levels.

Unfortunately, Donald Trump and the GOP establishment could be the final piece of the Democrat puzzle, making the work of the NDRC a success. Thanks to their spinelessness and the ever-growing list of broken promises on issues such as Obamacare repeal and tax reform, Trump & CO. are driving away the conservative base, choosing instead to graft the GOP to the liberty-robbing, big-government, Democrat party.

In the end, that put’s liberty squarely in the crosshairs of Obama, Holder, and tyrannical judges.


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