The “S” in socialism stands for Seattle

When Seattle, Washington passed their $15-per-hour minimum wage law three years ago, socialist factions behind the move rejoiced while experts warned of serious repercussions, particularly to small business owners. In addition, warnings went out about how workers in industries big and small would see a reduction in hours and cuts in their benefits.

Unfortunately for Seattle’s government leaders, who are apparently challenged in the principles of economics, all these warnings have come true.

One of the consequences of reduced hours and benefits has been a reduction in tax revenues. In light of this inevitable reality, the city of Seattle has chosen to do the right thing and repeal the $15-per-hour law and return the city to a free-market-based economy.

Okay, not really.

Actually, in a move that would bring a smile to Bernie Sanders’ face, Seattle is focusing on the real people responsible for this failure—rich people. In a unanimous decision, the Seattle City Council has passed a new income tax on only “rich” under the belief that “social injustice” will disappear if they do as Barack Obama once said and “spread the wealth around.”

This new tax-the-rich law is a classic move by Democratic Socialists who are always looking to spend more of our money in the name of so-called “social justice.” But it’s also a classic move for another reason—it’s illegal. This law is a violation of the Washington Constitution because it isn’t evenly applied to all people (the poor and middle class would not have their income taxed). In addition, a state law written in the 1980’s prohibits counties and cities from taxing net income.

Still, the mayor of Seattle is undeterred, even as he is likely to spend untold amounts of taxpayer money defending the law in upcoming legal challenges.

But wait! There’s more! The socialists—some would say communists—in the state of Washington aren’t done yet.

This tax-the-rich effort is only part two of a three-part agenda. According to the socialist-propaganda website, Socialist Alternative—which gave rise to socialist Council member Kshama Sawantit—began with the $15-per-hour minimum-wage fight and will end with government-mandated rent controls.

Meanwhile, jobs are lost, businesses shutter their doors, a once-beautiful state becomes ugly, and God-given liberty dies. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Seattle and socialism both start with the letter “s.”


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