Erick Erickson sold his soul to Trump, then he financed the transaction

“I have donated to President Trump’s re-election campaign and was happy to do [sic] …”

This is the opening sentence in an article posted by the man who claims he originated the #NeverTrump movement — editor of The Resurgent and host of a daily radio show on WSB in Atlanta, Georgia, Erick Erickson.

Back in February, Erickson endorsed Trump for 2020 even though he still had “concerns” about Trump and struggled with the NY Liberal’s “character issue.” Still, Erickson gave his endorsement because “no president is perfect,” Trump “is who he is,” and “what the other side offers” is worse.

In other words, Erickson decided to play the Republican/Democrat binary game and to vote for the lesser of two evils — the same game that gave us Trump in 2016 in the first place.

Of course, Erickson is free to support Trump if he chooses. He wouldn’t be the first so-called conservative in the media to trade his convictions for political and personal convenience. Mark Levin and Glenn Beck raised the bar in that department when they created the BlazeTV pro-Trump Echo chamber, not to mention big-talker sellouts (H/T Shannon Joy) like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.”

Where Erickson goes off the rails, however, is the list of justifications he gave for financially supporting Trump.

Without listing a single example, Erickson said Trump had addressed “many, many of the concerns” he had about him in 2016 but then regurgitated the “no candidate and no administration is perfect” mantra ala the Fellowship of the Pharisees.

Erick praised Trump’s “vision for the United States” and his “strong economic record to back it up.” He provided no specifics to support this claim, probably for very good reasons. Trump’s economic record is spotty, and his economic policies are slowly destroying the economy.

Erickson then played the vote Trump because #NotDemocrat card, giving us a list of accusations against the Democrats — some of them valid but most of them invalid.

For example, Erick criticizes Democrats for “harvesting and selling” baby body parts, even though Trump continues to fund Planned Parenthood and fetal tissue research. He attacked Democrats for destroying healthcare, even though Trump has done nothing to fix it and is a big fan of socialized healthcare. And Erick accused Democrats of “championing lawlessness” even though Trump spent much of his presidency avoiding investigations and obstructing justice.

In response to Erickson’s February endorsement, New York talk show host Shannon Joy rebutted his decision to play the “lesser of two evils” game because the times we live in demand taking a stand and fighting the false choice being offered by the Republican/Democrat duopoly.

Sadly, Erick Erickson would rather throw in the towel and remain in his binary corner than fight for conservative principles.



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