Shannon Joy rebuts Erick Erickson’s decision to endorse Trump in 2020

Perhaps you’ve heard by now that Erick Erickson, who claims he originated the #NeverTrump movement in 2016, wrote a piece today endorsing Donald Trump for 2020. Using the kind of justification we’ve come to know from Trumpservatives, Erickson still has “concerns” over Trump’s complete lack of character, but will pull the lever for the New York liberal because #notDemocrat.

New York talk radio host Shannon Joy (WHAM 1180) posted a response to the owner of The Resurgent on her Facebook Account. I thought so much about what she said that I asked her permission to share it with you. She graciously granted it. Here it is in its entirety. I agree with every word.

Many will choose to remain ‘in the game’ (as fake & corrupt as it currently is) fearing a worse outcome. They’ll accept the binary choice and fight for the lesser of two evils, regardless of how evil the lesser has become. I respect their choice but offer caution.

  1. The most likely outcome for 2020 is a Trump presidency and a Democrat led Senate & House. They will protect the status quo (Obamacare, Planned Parenthood, growing government, debt & deficit and open borders) and pass a myriad of quasi-socialist legislation marketed as ‘conservative’. (#Jailbreak style legislation)
  2. The country’s leftward trajectory will continue albeit more slowly than with a Democrat trifecta. The federal government #UNIBROW will continue to hold and expand power – while ‘conservatives’ aid in crushing the remnant of liberty focused grassroots opposition, painting dissenters as traitors.
  3. Sometime, circa 2024 the country will wary of Trump and Republicans and will deliver a new #Trifecta to the Democrats.
  4. And everything that Eric Erickson fears will come to pass. Progressives will step on the pedal, fighting diligently for tyranny as we never have … for Liberty. And the diminished and defeated Conservatives, after years of defending progressivism will wail in opposition and predictably lose. Again.

You see our difference lies in strategy, not ideology.

The only question is WHEN we decide to finally fight. Erickson endeavors to delay the SPEED at which the socialist utopia emerges – but unfortunately he will strengthen them with his apathy. We can fight it now by rejecting the false choice – or fight it later after they’ve secured more money and more power.

I’d rather fight now. I have admiration for Erickson and respect his choices but we will embark on different paths for a season. I will not support a president who funds Planned Parenthood, protects Obamacare, grows the Leviathan, presides over open borders, supports gun control legislation and increases taxes through tariffs.

Sometimes, the lesser of two evils is simply a placeholder for the greater evil on the horizon.

For me … I choose to accept the truth. REJECT THE GAME. Fight for liberty. Have FAITH. Activate OUTSIDE of the system. God will honor truth tellers and the courageous. You might lose your access to worldly power & wealth but you’ll gain God’s ultimate power and blessing.


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