Coronavirus tyranny: CDC will use ‘vaccination record’ cards to track you

CDC vaccination card tyranny

As another round of mandates and lockdowns sweep the nation under the guise of keeping us safe from a so-called pandemic, we are once again reminded how government at every level has been exploiting coronavirus hysteria to destroy liberty in order to pave the way for a more socialistic and tyrannical government. The latest evidence of their coronavirus tyranny comes to us via the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as they take the first steps toward issuing “vaccination record” cards to track your compliance when government begins administering — probably mandating — the COVID vaccine.

As you may recall, Jared Kushner was put in charge of Ivanka’s daddy’s coronavirus task force back in April, and he introduced a plan to create a Patriot Act for healthcare that would be used to help the CDC “mitigate the virus’ spread.”

In the $2.2 trillion CARES Act overwhelmingly passed by Congress and signed into law by Trump, over $150 billion was earmarked to expand financing for hospitals, medical equipment, and healthcare worker protection. Hidden within that earmark was $1.5 billion to be used by the CDC to assist state and local governments buy equipment and other measures to mitigate the virus’ spread.

What did our tyrannical overlords mean by “other measures?” At least $500 million was set aside to launch a new “surveillance and data collection system” to gather information on how the virus is spreading.

Though we didn’t know the details about what this would look like at the time, the federal government has expressed an interest in using data gleaned from tech giants like Google and Facebook along with using a special app that is yet to be created to monitor smart phones.

Even though this high-tech ability is still in development, the CDC recently announced a coronavirus tyranny program where they will issue vaccination record cards to effectively lay the groundwork for reaching their ultimate goal. Here’s an introduction by

Earlier this week, it was reported government health officials will be issuing Americans “vaccination record” cards, but what does that mean?

While it’s no secret “vaccination passports” might be on the horizon, officials have suggested the cards currently under development at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are more so intended to help Americans keep track of their vaccination schedule, reminding them when and where to go for their second doses.

L.J. Tan, chief strategy officer for the Immunization Action Coalition, a nonprofit advocacy group, told the outlet the cards are just an old school reminder for people rather than “passports” for entry into places of business.

“These are just for the person to have something to remind themselves of what vaccine they got that they can give to the provider when they come back to get their second dose,” he explained.

Some, though, are still wondering if so-called “vaccination passports” could be in our future. The answer to that question is, it’s possible.

There’s good reason to be concerned about coronavirus tyranny and how these certificates could eventually be used to control buying and selling in the marketplace, and how they could lead to increased tracking abilities by the government.

Back in September, I wrote about a United Kingdom plan to issue digital ID cards for British citizens in a bid to “transform” the British government’s use of data collected on its citizens.

Though details weren’t available at the time, current and former UK officials think the timing is perfect for creating a digital ID card program as the perfect solution to relaxing the lockdowns and social distancing laws created during coronavirus hysteria.

Speaking at the virtual CogX technology conference in June, former-Prime Minister Tony Blair said such a system would operate alongside track and trace programs.

“You can create a digital ID today that is much more easily protected so you can deal with a lot of the privacy and surveillance issues that worry people.

“It is a natural evolution of the way that we are going to use technology in any event to transact daily life and this Covid crisis gives an additional reason for doing that.

“I think people’s disease status – have they been tested, what is the result of that test and have they had the disease, do they have the disease – unless you are able to record some of this data in a way people can use, it is going to be difficult to go back to anything like a near normal in things like transport.

“If you are going to start international travel again, how can you do that unless people can be easily tested and have some record of that test?

There has always been a good case for introducing some form of digital ID but I think that case is even more powerful today.” (emphasis mine)

Essentially, British citizens won’t be able to buy or sell without it. Sound familiar? (Rev. 13:17)

Blair also acknowledged that some could feel a bit uncomfortable using digital ID card technology, but said it could be addressed through training and education. “That digital divide between those that are familiar and can use the new technology well and those who can’t is obviously going to be a big source of difficulty.”

Digital or biometric ID cards have been discussed in America, even before coronavirus tyranny.

Though it failed to pass, the Securing America’s Future Act of 2018 was introduced by then-Representative Bob Goodlatte in January of that year. This 400-page monstrosity required a biometric National ID card be issued to every man, woman, and child in America. The card would be required to hold a job, open a bank account, or get on a plane, and the chip would contain biometric data such as fingerprints and retina scans.

Could digital ID cards and coronavirus tyranny be wrapped into one great big liberty-killing package? And if so, wouldn’t the CDC plan for vaccination record cards smooth things out enough to get people comfortable with the digital system when it arrives?

Let’s take this a step further. Why mess with vaccination record cards when a “mark” of some sort could be given instead when you receive your vaccination?

This type of tracking program could be right around the corner where a “mark” is applied to the hand as an invisible tattoo. Thanks to funding provided by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation along with a direct request from Bill Gates himself, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has developed a system to track the vaccination records of children by embedding the information directly to their skin.

Using dye invisible to the naked eye but visible using a special cell phone filter, children would receive the tattoo simultaneously with their vaccination in one shot. Eventually, researchers would like to use this system to inject sensors into the body to track health issues.

Besides the obvious tyrannical implications of the CDC vaccination record cards program, how long will it be before participation becomes mandatory in order to buy and sell? And what about the fact that vaccination record cards can get lost, stolen, or used by someone other than the person it was intended for?

Perhaps the answer to these questions can be found by implanting something in or under the skin. You know, just to make it easier for the CDC and others to keep track of coronavirus . . . or people.


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