Coronavirus: New digital ID card makes way for New World Order

coronavirus digital id card new world order

Are plans for a new digital ID card another way of using coronavirus hysteria to build a New World Order?

From the very beginning of coronavirus hysteria, I’ve been warning about how the so-called pandemic was being used by tyrants to destroy liberty and create a new socialist state, and possibly the New World Order.

My warnings have been frighteningly accurate because coronavirus hysteria has allowed tyrants in government to move America ever closer to becoming an Orwellian dystopia. Without a doubt, this so-called pandemic has proven itself to be the mother of socialism and tyranny.

When I suggested back in April that coronavirus hysteria could be leading us to a New World Order, many accused me of being a “tinfoil-hat-wearing-conspiracy-nut,” despite the fact that my article was based on statements by Henry Kissinger, the former national security advisor and secretary of state for Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford.

It was Kissinger who first made the suggestion when he openly declared that the damage wrought by coronavirus could only be repaired by the adoption of “a global collaborative vision” that adheres to the “principles of the liberal world order.”

Last month, I wrote a follow-up article on how nefarious globalists have long planned on using something like coronavirus hysteria to launch the New World Order under a plan known as “The Great Reset.” The primary objective of The Great Reset is the creation of a global “technocracy” that requires the close cooperation between the heads of the digital industry and of governments.

I wrote about how Bill Gates was involved in an industry/government partnership in my New World Order article.

This new kind of governance will combine strict societal control with the promise of comprehensive social justice, submitting the individual to the tyranny of a technocratic state. “The experts know better” will be the justification.

In recent decades, the consensus has emerged at the annual World Economic Forum meetings that a New World Order requires a revolution, and that previous attempts at reform have taken too long.

The members of the WEF envision a profound upheaval at short notice. The time span should be so brief that most people will hardly realize that a revolution is going on. The change must be so swift and dramatic that those who recognize that a revolution is happening do not have the time to mobilize against it.

Coronavirus hysteria offers us a preview of what “swift and dramatic” change looks like. Months of economic standstill have destroyed the economic basis of millions of families. Social distancing and lockdowns have produced a mass of people unable to care for themselves.

Government destroys their livelihoods, then politicians showed up as the savior. The demand for social assistance is no longer limited to specific groups but has become a need of the masses.

Sometimes this stuff sounds like a science-fiction movie and simply too crazy to believe. But recent actions taken around the world show us how the Great Reset and the New World Order it will create is all too real.

In a story on earlier this month, it’s being reported that the United Kingdom plans to issue digital ID cards for British citizens in a bid to “transform” the British government’s use of data collected on its citizens.

Though details aren’t available at this time, current and former officials think the timing is perfect for creating a digital ID card program as the perfect solution to relaxing the lockdowns and social distancing laws created during coronavirus hysteria.

Speaking at the virtual CogX technology conference in June, former-Prime Minister Tony Blair said such a system would operate alongside track and trace programs. (emphasis mine)

“You can create a digital ID today that is much more easily protected so you can deal with a lot of the privacy and surveillance issues that worry people.

“It is a natural evolution of the way that we are going to use technology in any event to transact daily life and this Covid crisis gives an additional reason for doing that.

“I think people’s disease status – have they been tested, what is the result of that test and have they had the disease, do they have the disease – unless you are able to record some of this data in a way people can use, it is going to be difficult to go back to anything like a near normal in things like transport.

“If you are going to start international travel again, how can you do that unless people can be easily tested and have some record of that test?

There has always been a good case for introducing some form of digital ID but I think that case is even more powerful today.”

Looks like Brits won’t be able to buy or sell without it. Now, why does that sound familiar? (Rev. 13:17)

Blair acknowledged that digital ID card technology risked leaving behind people uncomfortable with using it, but said it could be addressed through training and education. “That digital divide between those that are familiar and can use the new technology well and those who can’t is obviously going to be a big source of difficulty.”

Perhaps some of that difficulty can be addressed using a program recently launched in Singapore.

The BBC is reporting that Singapore has started distributing Bluetooth contact-tracing tokens that don’t require a smartphone to its five million residents to help contain the spread of Covid-19.

The tokens, which can be worn on a lanyard or carried, are a hardware version of its existing contact-tracing app which was rolled out in March.

Like the app, they use Bluetooth to look for other users’ devices and then log any contact with those devices.

They could be popular with older people who do not use smart phones.

The government also hopes the tokens will help to further reopen the economy, by enabling conferences to restart and providing better tracing in higher risk settings, such as busy hotels, cinemas and gyms.

The initial rollout is happening in areas with a greater concentration of elderly people, who are both at a greater health risk from Covid-19 and less likely to own a smart phone.

But the token will be available to all citizens, including foreign residents.

Since the token can be worn as a lanyard or carried in a bag, no training or smart phone is required.

Could America be the next testing ground for a digital ID like the one being considered in the UK?

Ivanka’s husband, Jared Kushner, has been working with his father-in-law on a proposal for creating a Patriot Act for healthcare that would use government/private sector partnership to create a new “surveillance and data collection system” used to track coronavirus Americans.

Apple and Google have been developing new hardware and software that will give Kushner exactly what he wants. And while the two tech giants claim that their tracking system will completely protect privacy, protecting privacy has never been the prime directive. The whole point of creating a Patriot Act for healthcare is to make the names, phone numbers, and locations of people available to the government in real-time.

The next time you feel the need to question someone’s patriotism or Christian faith and you attack them for not buying into coronavirus hysteria — I’m looking at you, Coronavirus Christians — know that you’re not only helping government destroy liberty in America, you’re also playing right into the hands of globalists intent on using the so-called pandemic to build the New World Order.


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