Coronavirus Christians: Everyone must bow to tyranny and oppression

Christian tyranny and oppression

As a constitutional conservative, I take great pleasure in exposing the rampant abuse of power displayed by tyrants in all three branches (executive, legislative, and judicial) and by every level (federal, state, and local) of government, particularly when their tyranny and oppression directly threatens our God-given rights as spelled out in the Declaration of Independence and guaranteed by the Constitution.

Contrariwise, one of my greatest frustrations is how government tyranny and oppression has become commonplace, so much so that it’s easily, sometimes willingly, accepted by everyday Americans. Instead of resisting government tyranny, most have grown comfortable with the idea of sacrificing essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety (H/T Ben Franklin).

As a Christian and a constitutional conservative, my frustration has intensified with those who claim to be a part of the family of believers; people who have willingly accepted coronavirus tyranny and oppression under the misguided and incorrect interpretation of Romans 13 (the infamous “submit to government authority” Scripture).

Many within this circle of Christians have latched on to coronavirus hysteria as another way to excuse their surrender to government tyranny and oppression while they submit to shutdowns, stay-at-home orders, and mask-wearing mandates.

Lately, however, they’ve been taking things to a new level. Now if we refuse to submit to government tyranny, we’re not only violating Romans 13, but we’re guilty of being people filled with hate for our fellow man, and we are doing the work of Satan himself. In a private Facebook discussion over the weekend with someone who disagreed with something I recently posted about coronavirus hysteria, I received a note making that very claim.

“Politics has made this issue controversial. That too is the devil’s work. Christ tells us to treat others the way we want to be treated. Not masking is an act of hostility on the weak and infirm [sic]. Masking is an act of love. It is very clear that those who deny masking have hatred that makes them hostile to doing good to others.”

And all of God’s people in the lukewarm, cheap grace church said, “Amen!”

I was also told by this individual that I’m essentially a “Trumper” and that I had changed my message to match that of Glenn Beck, Steve Deace, and the rest of the crew at BlazeTV. An absurd accusation to even a casual reader of the Strident Conservative, considering the numerous articles I’ve written about Trump’s failures as president, the threat he poses to the Constitution, and how BlazeTV has become a pro-Trump echo chamber and propaganda machine.

But truth isn’t the coronavirus Christian’s motivation; guilt is. Both the guilt they feel for bowing to government tyranny and oppression, and the guilt they’re trying to inflict on others who refuse to bow with them.

Christians, conservatives, and constitutionalists have lambasted me and made all sorts of ludicrous claims about me (personally) and my work. For example, some of these self-professing Christians have accused me of not being pro-life because I won’t wear a mask. And they have accused me of being an accessory to homicide for questioning the actions of a government employing police state tactics to shut down churches while keeping abortion facilities open.

I have been told by Christians and non-Christians alike that they will no longer support my work and warned me that I will lose my following if I don’t do as they say I should and submit to government tyranny and oppression. However, if supporters and followers were the only thing motivating me, I would have followed the path of the faux-conservative media and joined the Trump cult a long time ago.

Back in April, I wrote a piece entitled, “Now I know how lonely the lonely road will be” where I shared my resolve to boldly take a stand when necessary to defend my Christian faith, to expose how today’s lukewarm cheap grace church has destroyed the Good News of Jesus Christ to create the same political conditions that gave rise to Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. I also promised to defend my constitutional conservative values against the Republican/Democrat duopoly working to destroy liberty to make room for the rise of tyranny.

I concluded the piece with this final thought:

In The Book of Jeremiah, we learn that Jeremiah was called to be a prophet at an unfortunate time as the decline of Judah was already well under way. When he followed his calling, it was suggested that his message was one of condemnation, not salvation.

He delivered God’s message to a people desperately clinging to nationalism, and he was rejected. Jeremiah was considered a meddler and a traitor as people, nobles, and kings, alternately tried to put him to death.

I didn’t compare myself to Jeremiah then, and I’m not doing so now. But this past weekend has reminded me once again about how my story and his carry plenty of similarities.

With coronavirus hysteria sweeping the nation, a president completely lacking in moral and conservative values, and a Republican Party dying a slow and painful death, we are witnessing what could be the last days of liberty and freedom in the country our Founding Fathers fought and died for.

And the saddest part is that today’s coronavirus Christians are too busy bowing to government tyranny and oppression and accusing those who refuse to bow with them of being haters working for the devil to do anything about it.


David Leach is the owner of the Strident Conservative. He holds people of every political stripe accountable for their failure to uphold conservative values, and he promotes those values instead of political parties.

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