Chris Christie immigration policy: Tough on employers – easy on illegals


RINO presidential candidate Chris Christie made his policy on illegal immigration a bit more clear in a recent CNN interview. Secure the border? Nah. End Obama’s pathway to citizenship? Nope! In fact, he approves of Obama’s actions because Congress hasn’t acted — which means, by default, that he isn’t opposed to abusing executive authority to get around Congress. Increase deportations? As they would say in Jersey, Fuggedaboudit.

Much like fellow RINO and presidential candidate Jeb Bush, and Obama himself for that matter, Christie thinks punishing America, or more specifically American businesses, is the way to stem the tide of illegals entering the country. According the governor from New Jersey, government should target employers that hire illegals instead of the illegals themselves.

“We’ve got to penalize employers who hire people who are here illegally. The fact is that shouldn’t happen and it’s exploiting American workers.”

“But in addition to that, it’s exploiting many of those people who are here illegally because they’re being paid less money. So we need to make bigger fines to make sure that those employers who violate the law are being held accountable.”

I guess it could work. If you make “bigger fines” the law, it will drive companies out of business which means there won’t be any jobs to keep illegals here. Of course, that also means that those “exploited Americans” he talked about won’t have a job either, but I guess the ends justifies the means.

When Christie made his announcement to run for office, I provided a few of my reasons why I think he would be a terrible choice for the nomination. From his misunderstanding of American history to his RINO-esque willingness to “reach across the aisle”—which is code for “I’ll vote with the Democrats whenever it will help me politically”—he has demonstrated a total lack of Conservative principles.

And then of course, there’s also his little “Bridgegate” scandal—a scandal equal to those we have seen from Obama—when his office closed the George Washington Bridge in an act of political retaliation against the mayor of Fort Lee, NJ for not endorsing Christie’s re-election bid.

When asked by the CNN reporter about the scandal, Christie expressed the belief that it shouldn’t affect his presidential aspirations because the bridge closing wasn’t nearly as bad as the media who covered it:

“What hurt more than anything else was the unrelenting coverage of it.”

Yeah, getting caught abusing your power can have that effect on a guy. But wait a minute… Is Mr. Christie advocating that the media be less thorough when investigating political scandals? It sure sounds like it.

I guess that’s one more thing Christie has in common with Obama.