Chris Christie seeks RINO nomination for president

Chris Christie in barrell

We already have Lindsey Graham, Jeb Bush, and George Pataki representing the batch of East Coast RINOs looking to be the official loser of the GOP in 2016. Now we have the Fourth Horseman of the Republican Apocalypse seeking the nomination to be President of the United States.

Offering himself as a sort of “Bridgegate” over politically troubled waters, Chris Christie made it official in a speech to a crowd gathered at the high school he once called home. Below are some of the statements he made, along with my comments:

1. “Americans are not angry, they are filled with anxiety.”

Wrong! I’m angry about RINOs such as yourself who act more like Democrats in order to protect their jobs. I’m angry that RINOs such as yourself like to say one thing to get my vote, and then do the opposite once in office. Make no mistake about it: I’m not anxious, I’m ticked!

2. “Both parties have failed our country” by refusing to work together. “If Washington and Adams and Jefferson had believed compromise was a dirty word, we’d still be under the crown of England.”

This is right, and wrong. He’s right about both parties failing the country, but that’s because of compromise, not the lack of it. I was one of the millions across America who worked and voted to put the GOP in charge of Congress specifically for the purpose of NOT working together with Obama and the Democrats.

And Washington, Adams and Jefferson were compromisers? Really? I seem to recall this little affair called the Revolution that occurred specifically because they had no intention of compromising.

3. He also bragged about his non-conservative willingness to “reach across the aisle” in order to work with Democrats.

Has this idiot been paying attention to the goings on in Washington? McConnell, Boehner, and Company have practically made reaching across the aisle an art form. Crossing the aisle is absolutely the last thing we need in Washington.

Christie’s campaign expressed hope that his take-all-comers approach to his campaign will give him a boost much like John McCain experienced in 2008 when his campaign floundering.

You know, I seem to recall that The Maverick, even though he won the nomination, went on to lose to an unknown, inexperienced senator Illinois. Just sayin’.

Chris Christie is a shining example of everything we already have in Washington. We don’t need more of his brand of “conservatism,” we need less. Much less.