CDC’s new COVID mask guidelines for children are child abuse

COVID mask guidelines for children

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently released updated COVID mask guidelines for children that are for all practical purposes federally sanctioned child abuse.

In the new list of recommendations, children as young as two-years-old along with workers in child care and preschool are being told to wear masks and split into small groups to prevent the spread of COVID-19 even if they have been vaccinated. “Even after child care providers and staff are vaccinated, there will be a need to continue prevention measures for the foreseeable future including wearing masks, physical distancing, and other important prevention strategies,” the CDC stated in last week’s announcement.

The Washington Examiner provides some of the details in the CDC COVID guidelines for children:

The updated guidelines said that children age two and older should wear masks at all times indoors and outdoors except when eating and sleeping. Educators should install physical barriers such as sneeze guards for situations in which students cannot maintain physical distance, and they should be split into small groups to limit opportunities for viruses to spread.

Childcare centers should also improve ventilation by opening doors and windows when possible, frequently sanitizing communal areas, and ensuring that providers are prepared to help disabled children maintain social distancing measures. The guidance also recommended people keep a 6-foot distance among themselves, despite evidence suggesting that maintaining 3 feet of distance between students is adequate to protect teachers and students from infection. (emphasis mine)

While it’s true that young children can be infected with the coronavirus, the illness is usually mild or asymptomatic. But that hasn’t stopped proponents of coronavirus tyranny from pushing immoral COVID mask guidelines for children that border on child abuse — even in so-called red states where Republicans allegedly are the defenders of liberty against far-left Democrats.

In a recent op-ed by Conservative Review podcast host Daniel Horowitz, we learn how Republicans and so-called conservatives in red states are accessories to the abuse.

Despite a full year’s worth of science and data showing that kids in school are not at risk at all from this virus and that they are not meaningful vectors of spread, even the reddest of states are making them the last to get a reprieve from the mask fascism, rather than the first. This is likely the most radical policy ever implemented in our lifetimes. The muted response from most established conservative officials and organizations is shocking.

Daniel provides several examples from states that have recently rescinded mask mandates, but still require them for children. And after providing scientific data supporting his claim about how these COVID mask guidelines for children are abusive, Daniel concludes:

Has anyone bothered to study what masks do to children’s wonderous God-given immune systems that have performed so well against this virus? How much bacteria do they help trap in the lungs of children? God didn’t design us to have our noses and mouths covered, especially at the developmental stage of life.

Consider the fact that all of this harm was perpetrated against a generation of children for absolutely zero gain. The Peaster Independent School District of Parker County, Texas, for example, was one of the few counties in the country that never required masks or social isolation. According to Superintendent Lance Johnson, enrollment numbers were up this year, and it was one of the few districts in the country where the academic growth is tracking at grade level. “Our kids have thrived and our teachers have thrived,” he said. “And it’s just been real eye-opening to see how we’ve done things different than other schools.”

18 months ago what we’re doing to kids would’ve been criminal,” said Johnson. “And here we are fighting going back to that model, fighting letting kids be kids, and letting kids socialize and letting them have a normal school year.” (emphasis mine)

Shutting down schools and remote learning tyranny has been literally killing our children mentally and physically, but the attempt to acclimate children to a “new normal” of mask wearing is worse in many ways because it gives the illusion of a return to normalcy that could go on forever. As Daniel mentioned in his piece, “The bar of sanity was set so low from the get-go that the psychosis of masking children for a virus that affects them less than the flu will only get worse over time.”

Using coronavirus hysteria to destroy liberty and give government more control over our lives has been the goal of government tyrants from the very beginning of the so-called pandemic. This is the motivation behind plans for government-mandated COVID vaccine passports and digital ID cards designed to make it easier for Big Brother to track our every movement in the name of “safety.”

Some compare lockdowns and mask mandates to the actions of early Soviet Block nations which were characterized by government control and the suppression of individual freedoms. It seems to me the CDC’s new COVID mask guidelines for children are are another example of America inching in that direction.

You have to wonder how many rights will be lost today in the name of fighting COVID-19, especially with public school bureaucrats, teachers, and teacher’s labor unions supporting government lockdowns and mask mandates. I’m sure they’re only doing it for the children.

Unfortunately, Joe Biden’s Police State plans for addressing coronavirus received a big boost with the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan signed into law last week. The bailout — Washington calls it a “stimulus” — included billions of dollars in kickbacks to “stabilize” the childcare industry, including $24 billion in emergency funding to childcare providers, $15 billion for child-development block grants, and $1 billion for the Head Start early education program.

That should buy a lot of child abuse.


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