California transgender jobs program: Affirmative Action at taxpayer expense


Michaela Mendelsohn – Pollo West CEO, and founder of California Trans Workplace Project

California recently became the first state to create a so-called “jobs program” for transgender people looking for work in the restaurant industry. The net result of the California Trans Workplace Project is the legal sanctioning of discrimination against job applicants who know that their biological sex is what makes them male or female, and the incentivizing of an Affirmative Action program for 0.6 percent of the U.S. population.

And here’s the really good news . . . California taxpayers are financing the effort!

I have documented multiple instances over the past year where the Gay Mafia has used government to advance their radical agenda. School districts in North Carolina, Michigan, California and Washington; state legislatures in Iowa, Massachusetts, and New Jersey; city governments such as New York City; and even the White House and Supreme Court have all taken Constitutionally questionable steps in support of the LGBT agenda.

And while several states have passed pro-transgender laws, perhaps none have been more aggressive than California.

The Golden State has passed laws threatening Christian universities that reject the LGBT agenda for religious reasons with the loss of student grants and loan; joined several other states by passing laws criminalizing Christian counselors who use “reparative therapy” when treating transgender clients; and passed laws requiring single-use bathrooms to be gender-neutral; and passed laws allowing K-12 students to compete in athletics, and use facilities, based on gender identity.

The goal of the California Trans Workplace Project, according to founder Michaela Mendelsohn–formally Michael Mendelsohn before he began identifying as a woman in 2004–is to make Trans Affirmative Action programs “The New Normal” nation wide. With the support and effectiveness provided by local, state and federal governments working on their behalf, he stands a frighteningly good chance of success.

Thomas Jefferson once stated that government should fear the people, not the other way around. But when government on every level wields the hammer of LGBT political correctness in order to squash dissent from society, we are no longer living in a free republic . . . we are living under tyranny.


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