NYC releases list of 31 genders landlords and employers must recognize

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A few weeks ago I wrote an article about how liberals will hijack the conversation whenever they are promoting an unpopular agenda by incorporating the use of what George Orwell referred to in 1984 as “Newspeak” — a “political language created by the state to limit freedom of thought, and concepts considered threatening to the regime.”

One of the examples I shared in that piece was how the City of New York was creating a set of rules for landlords and employers to follow when addressing sexually-confused individuals who use gender identities and gender expressions contrary to the XX and XY chromosomes we are all born with.

Now, after much work and creative thinking, Marxist Mayor Bill De Blasio’s office has released their official list of 31 genders. Yes! I said 31! (see list above). Based on this list, employers and landlords who fail to properly address people by the proper pronoun will face fines up to $250,000.

Now, what is a proper pronoun? The answer to that quarter of a million dollars question is more obtuse than you might realize.

Leo Soell, a so-called “trans” teacher–that’s one of the words on the list–at an Oregon elementary school was recently awarded a $60,000 settlement from the Gresham-Barlow School District after co-workers used pronouns such as: “lady,” “she” and “Miss Soell” to describe the person with breasts. As a “trans,” Soell doesn’t identify as male or female, and such sexually-confused individuals prefer the pronoun “they” — a word that used to serve as the plural of he, she or it; or to describe a group of two or more.

But as I said, Newspeak!

Obama has proclaimed June as LGBT Pride Month. In the White House’s official statement, he unashamedly listed his many accomplishments–from the Supreme Court same-sex marriage ruling to his unconstitutional bathroom mandate on the nation’s schools–in the name of advancing the sexual abuse of adults and children.

Which leads to another possible issue on this topic. With Obama’s track record when it comes to promoting the destruction of American morality and values, do you think it might be remotely possible that he will try to take the NYC ordinance national before he leaves office?


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