Obama “aggressively engaged” in promoting sexual abuse of children

Transgender restrooms

In the aftermath of the North Carolina bathroom bill hubbub–a piece of legislation that denies the so-called right of sexually confused grown men to use the same bathroom as your six-year-old daughter–the cries of discrimination from the LGBT activists along with their liberal allies in Hollywood, the entertainment industry and the Democrat party (forgive me for being redundant) have reached a fever pitch.

And in a world where Islamic terrorists are raping and murdering women and girls, the man Newsweek once called America’s first gay president, Barack Obama, took time from his European goodwill tour vacation last week to let the Brits know that he wants to see grown men using the little girls room.

In a bit of sad irony, Prime Minister David Cameron responded to Obama’s inappropriate comments with a better understanding of the United States Constitution than the man sworn to protect and defend it when he said that the issue was “a matter for their own [state] legislatures.”

Unlike the “evolution” Obama experienced concerning homosexual marriage, opposition to the laws like the one in North Carolina isn’t a new position for the rainbow president. Earlier this month a New York Times story reported that Obama was looking for ways to cut off federal funds for highways, schools and housing if HB-2 wasn’t overturned; calling it a “civil rights” issue.

Speaking of civil rights, the Obama Department of Education recently held a meeting in Michigan with a group called Equality Michigan where the DOE committed itself to stay “aggressively engaged” in the fight to allow children to use whichever bathroom they choose.

In an article published in March, we exposed Equality Michigan as a radical LGBT activist group working in partnership with the Michigan State Board of Education to allow students–without parental or doctoral input–to choose their gender, name, pronouns, bathrooms and locker rooms.

Whether it’s the bathroom at your local Target store or the locker room at the local elementary school, liberals fully support policies resulting in the sexual abuse of women and children.


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