NBA threatens NC: Allow sexual abuse of women and children or else!

Transgender restrooms 2

The LGBT agenda continues to make headlines–particularly the “T” (transgender) part–following the passage of laws in North Carolina that require people to use public restrooms based on the gender they were born with instead of the gender they think they are… or wish they were… or pretend to be.

In other words, they are to use the restroom based on the XX or XY genetic marker we are all born with, which is the scientific proof of a person’s gender. Settled science? I thought liberals liked that stuff.

In my commentary yesterday, I pointed out how the Obama administration was “aggressively engaged” in promoting the rights of sexually confused grown men to use the same bathroom as women and little girls. And I documented how he is applying financial pressure to places like North Carolina by threatening to withhold federal money for schools, highways and housing if they refuse to reverse the decision to prevent transgender, gender-fluid and men pretending to be gender confused from equal access to the girls restroom.

Not to be outdone, the National Basketball Association has entered the controversy as they apply their own bit of financial pressure, threatening to pull next year’s All-Star game from the home of the Charlotte Hornets if North Carolina refuses to legalize the ability for grown men to use the little girls room. According to the commissioner, it’s a matter of freedom and equal rights.

Ironic, considering the fact that commissioner Adam Silver has no problem with the NBA’s plans to play several games in China next season despite the long history of the communist country’s human rights and religious freedom abuses. Steve McConkey, president of the sports ministry 4 Winds Christian Athletics, points out the obvious hypocrisy:

“They’re going to go to China where they persecute Christians and put Christians in jail, bulldoze church buildings, take crosses off the tops of buildings – but they’ll go into North Carolina and remove a game where Christians have stood up? I think that what they’re trying to do is come against Christians – and there’s a persecution of Christians that’s going to come even greater if we don’t keep standing up.”

As I concluded yesterday, whether it’s the bathroom at Target or the locker room at the local elementary school, liberals are OK with the sexual abuse of women and children. And now, the NBA is too!


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