Homosexual Marriage Exposes Obama’s Political Chameleonism

Much has been said about “evolution” of Obama’s position on the subject of homosexual marriage. However, his announcement today that he favors such marriages is less about his evolving and more about his political chameleonism.

The chameleon is a reptile known for its ability to change color to match its surroundings. Contrary to popular belief, this ability is not so much for the purpose of camouflage in order to hide from its enemies, but rather for the purpose of social signaling. The chameleon changes colors to signal its intentions to other chameleons. In other words, they do it to blend in.

So, when Obama claims to have “struggled” with the issue of homosexuals marrying each other, and how his position has been “evolving” on the issue – I guess one man’s flip-flop is another man’s evolving – he is simply letting out his inner chameleon. In other words, he is changing his colors to match his environment.

  • In his first run for office in 1996, he provided a written response to a homosexual publication stating that he supported legalizing same-sex marriage and would fight efforts to prohibit them.
  • As a Senate candidate in 2004, he stated that his “religious faith dictates marriage is between a man and a woman, gay marriage is not a civil right.”
  • As a Presidential candidate in 2008, he went on record that he believed “marriage is the union between a man and a woman” and “as a Christian it’s also a sacred union.”
  • In 2010, he was still struggling with the issue.

And now, we have today’s interview with ABC – the All Barack Channel – where his colors changed back to his original shade:

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In every situation, his position on this issue had nothing to do with his evolving convictions – isn’t that an oxymoron? – and everything to do with his ability to change his colors to blend in with his surroundings.

Considering the fact that his current surroundings aren’t very favorable to his chances of being reelected, I don’t think this is the last color change we are likely to see from the Chameleon President.

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