California’s LGBT assault on Christian universities defeated for now

Freedom-of-religion-stand up

The LGBT agenda has been, and will always be, anti-Christian in nature as they continue to target Christian businesses, schools and churches for complete and total destruction. Because in their world, that’s what tolerance looks like.

Much of their success in this effort has come from the muscle of what has become known as the Gay Mafia, a group of thugs consisting of federal and state government, sports franchises, Hollywood, and rock and roll bands, just to name a few.

It is the federal and state governments that have perhaps been the the most successful due to their ability to pass laws, even unconstitutional laws, mandating Christians to submit to the will of the sexually-deviant and sexually-confused. In addition, with full control of state-run indoctrination centers—a.k.a. public schools—this arm of the Gay Mafia is well-positioned to mold brainwash the minds of the leaders of tomorrow.

While many states have done more than their fair share of damage to religious liberty when it concerns the LGBT agenda, perhaps no state has worked harder at destroying morality and Christianity than California. With their indoctrination system over the children already in place, the California legislature recently targeted private Christian colleges and universities for upholding the basic tenets of their faith.

SB 1146 is a so-called anti-discrimination bill that would require these institutions to, among other things:

  • Open single-sex dorms to the transgendered
  • Acknowledge and embrace same-sex marriage
  • Make student conduct policies neutral, treating homosexual and heterosexual behavior equally.

The penalty for non-compliance is the loss of student grants and loans—affecting the poor the most—and the creation of what is essentially an LGBT enemies list of any school opting out of Title IX, a federal statute that provides exemptions for religious colleges. Fortunately, after some resistance from a small group of Christians, most of this bill has been defeated . . . temporarily.

Several times this week, I have called on the Church to rise up in civil disobedience by preaching the truth on issues of political importance from the pulpit. This California bill is another example of why this has to happen now. The future of our faith and the future of America depend on it.


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