California bill attempts to force LGBT agenda on America

Homosexual - gay marriage wont affect us

I recently had the opportunity to participate in promoting the launch of a new book by Erick Erickson and Bill Blankschaen, You Will Be Made To Care, that exposes the assault on religious liberty and American culture by extreme left-wing progressives.

Under the guise of creating a society of tolerance—which is liberal-speak for “see things my way or else”—the greatest assaults on religious liberty and morality have come from the sexually-deviant LGBTQ community. And while this small segment of society claims that their only objective is equality and non-discrimination, we have learned that they haven’t earned the reputation of “Gay Mafia” by accident.

As recent actions have shown, they seek much more than equality and tolerance. Instead they are demanding unconditional acceptance and a total embrace of their sexual lifestyle choices. They will persecute and prosecute any who stand in their way, even going as far as to deprive the constitutional rights of any who have the courage to live their convictions; often with the aid of the government sworn to uphold those rights.

Democrat Evan Low, a homosexual lawmaker in California, has proposed a bill banning state employees from government-funded travel to states with laws that he says discriminate based on sexual-orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.

Low said he decided to introduce the bill after Indiana signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act last year; legislation that was passed to protect religious liberty for Christian-owned businesses in the aftermath of the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage.

The unintended consequences of the California bill have yet to be determined. For instance, athletic teams in the University of California system, including the powerhouse football teams like UCLA and USC that rake in millions in profits for the university system, would not be allowed to travel to Illinois, Florida, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Texas, Virginia and the rest of the 21 states that have religious liberty laws on the books.

Another bill Low is promoting would cut off student financial aid for private colleges and universities, particularly religious ones, that are not perceived to be LGBT friendly. The explanation of this bill can be found on Low’s website:

“AB 1888 would require all institutions receiving CalGrant dollars to certify to the California Student Aid Commission that they do not discriminate on the basis of, among other things, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.”

Low is quite proud of his self-interested assault on the constitutional rights of others:

“I’m proud to be a voice for the LGBT community throughout the state and in the country,” Low said on his website. “The Golden State has always been a leader in protecting civil rights and preventing discrimination. Our zero-tolerance policy says there is no room for discrimination of any kind in California, and will certainly not be tolerated beyond our borders.” (emphasis mine)

Live and let live? Not anymore!

So if you are someone who thinks that situations like this one in California doesn’t affect you since you don’t live on the left coast, that is clearly no longer true.

When it comes to the assault on religious liberty, even if you don’t consider yourself a religious person, you will be made to care.

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