You Will Be Made To Care

You Will Be Made To Care

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“Security under our constitution is given to the rights of conscience and private judgment. They are by nature subject to no control but that of Deity [the Lord], and in that free situation they are now left.” – John Jay, First Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

During the years, if not decades, leading up to the Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v. Hodges that legalized same-sex marriage, America was told that allowing two people of the same gender to marry was simply a matter of equal treatment under the law. And if you opposed it, you were dismissed by those who supported it with simplistic and trivial accusations of homophobia.

Besides, they would argue, if you don’t support same-sex marriage, don’t have one. After all, it doesn’t affect you if you aren’t homosexual, so why should you care?

Of course, as we have witnessed since this unconstitutional decision, the pro-homosexual, transsexual, bi-sexual, any and every sexual movement was never really about equal rights; it was about unconditional acceptance — even from those who disapproved for religious reasons. And as we read in the dissenting opinion given by Justice Clarence Thomas as he addressed the inevitable conflict that would result:

It appears all but inevitable that the two will come into conflict, particularly as individuals and churches are confronted with demands to participate in and endorse civil marriages between same-sex couples. (emphasis mine)

In other words, people of faith will made to care regardless of their religious beliefs.

In their new book, You Will Be Made To Care – The War On Faith, Family, And Your Freedom To Believe, Erick Erickson and his co-author, Bill Blankschaen, describe how our religious liberties are under attack in America and how our “freedom to believe” may not last much longer. Or as they say to those who think otherwise: “The Left will not let you stay on the sidelines. You will be made to care.”

Erick and Bill have long been prophets of warning, not of the inevitable rise of such evil, but how the attitude of indifference displayed by so many men and women in America today is leading to the demise of our once great nation.

Beginning with the case of Kelvin Cochran—America’s Fire Chief in Atlanta, GA.—who was abruptly terminated in 2015 for having the audacity to write a book about his Christian beliefs, Erick and Bill take us on a journey down the long and winding road of politically-correct thought with documented evidence of the war against our values and our faith.

But this book more than just a checklist of injustices and lost battles. Erick and Bill provide a basic set of ideas on how we can take back territory long-lost in America’s culture war. Readers will gain a better understanding of how people should be free to live and work according to their faith without fear of being punished by government. They will learn that “freedom of conscience is a basic human right that deserves protection under the law,” such as what was provided under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. These can ensure that religious liberty “gets a fair hearing in court and protects every person’s freedom from government intrusion, regardless of party, religion, race, orientation, or any other aspect of someone’s identity.”

As Erick so aptly concludes:

“Liberty of the mind means no one should ever be forced to convert or die. No one should be forced to embrace the popular thinking of the day about marriage that goes against the entire history of civilization. No one should be forced to change beliefs in order to graduate from a university. No one should be forced to recite secular doctrines in order to get a job. And yet here we are.”

In an age when we should be arming ourselves to fight this culture war, too many men and women of faith have elected to surrender without firing a shot under the mistaken belief that tolerance equals peace. Erick and Bill prove that this thinking couldn’t be more wrong.

Because, as we learn in You Will Be Made To Care, people who do nothing WILL be made to care.


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