Beauty companies target Generation Z gender-benders

James Charles is the first ‘CoverBoy’ for CoverGirl. (Screengrab of Twitter post)

When CoverGirl announced last week that they would be making James Charles the first male face of the company–calling him the first “CoverBoy”–it was hailed by CoverGirl ambassador and pop music star, Katy Perry, as another “proud” moment for the LGBT agenda.

Well, it looks like CoverGirl is about to get a bunch of new competition. In an article published by the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday, more beauty brands are about to expand their marketing efforts as the reach out to the increasing number of men and boys who are throwing away gender norms.

Lucie Greene, the worldwide director of the J. Walter Thompson Innovation Group, gave this explanation to the Times:

“Gender matters less than it used to. If you’re a youth brand, it’s something you need to embrace and understand. It’s this very self-confident, hyper-individual generation who are constructing their identity in fashion and makeup outside their traditional gender buckets.”

In a report released by Ms. Greene’s organization earlier this year, data gathered shows exactly how far Generation Z has gone beyond normal gender binaries. For example:

  • 56% of Generation Z (13-to-20-year-olds) know someone who relates to the gender-neutral pronouns of “they,” “them,” or “ze.” (With 31 recognized genders in NYC, there must be more pronouns than that)
  • Only 44% buys clothes designed specifically for their gender.
  • A whopping 70% support gender-neutral bathrooms.

Of course, with the government muscle available to the Gay Mafia fully committed to spreading the LGBT agenda to America’s schoolchildren, it’s easy to see how these attitudes were nurtured. And it’s likely to keep growing.

On the subject of the trendiness of being gender-neutral, art director and former editorial director of Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine, Fabian Baron told the Times:

“This idea of choice, being whoever you want to be–it’s something that is acceptable more and more. It’s like the gay evolution in the 60’s and 80’s. It’s the normal continuation of what should have been happening decades ago.”

Without realizing it, Fabian proves a point I’ve been making about the true motivations behind everything the LGBT movement is doing–their agenda has never been about equal rights. From the beginning, their plans were designed to be a long-term plan to destroy morality and Christianity in America.

In addition, when Fabian refers to “the idea of choice,” he proves that what we learned yesterday about LGBT “settled science” is true; there is no biological connection to being LGBT . . . it’s a choice. And because it’s a choice, LGBT individuals can choose not to be LGBT.

Unfortunately, the lie about gender identity continues. And as we witness the destruction of God’s design for male and female by LGBT radicals, cosmetic companies want to make sure Generation Z has all the makeup they need to complete the destruction.


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