LGBT rejects study proving that “born that way” science isn’t settled

lgbt-born-this-wayDid you know that global warming fanatics and the LGBT extremists have something in common? No, really. It’s true. Just as believers in man-caused global warming claim that the science proving their theory is settled, LGBT extremists claim that the science is settled when it comes to their belief that the sexually deviant and the emotionally ill transgendered are born that way.

Now, after a newly released report by Johns Hopkins University proving that there is no scientific evidence that LGBT behavior is genetic, these two groups have a few more things in common. Just as believers refuse to accept scientific proof that man-caused global warming is a lie, LGBT activists refuse to accept scientific proof that being “born that way” is also a lie. And just like their global warming counterparts, LGBT activists are out to punish anyone who refuses to embrace their agenda.

The Human Rights Campaign, the largest LGBT civil rights organization in America, is threatening to release the Gay Mafia to penalize Johns Hopkins with a reduction in their “Healthcare Quality Index” unless the university rejects the scientific study, and corrects the record by publicly stating that Johns Hopkins does, in fact, embrace the “born that way” consensus.

In addition, the HRC–founded in 1980 by Steve Endean, a homosexual who died of AIDS at the age of 44 in 1993–has been actively working to silence all who disagree with the claim that the LGBT condition is a genetic one. For instance, they have been a leading force behind outlawing “conversion therapy” (sometimes referred to as “reparative therapy”) for sexually confused adults and children across America. This has resulted in laws being passed that makes even Christian counselors criminally liable if they treat a client based on their biblical beliefs.

As I have documented many times in the past, the LGBT agenda has never been, and never will be, about equal rights; it’s been about the destruction of morality and Christianity in America. And they’re not about to allow a pesky little thing like science get in the way of that goal.


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