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BSA president Robert Gates: mentally asleep and morally bankrupt

July 29, 2015
Boy Scouts homosexual oath

  The objectives of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) are referred to as the “Aims of Scouting” and they are: moral character development, citizenship training, and development of physical, mental, and emotional fitness. The Boy Scout oath states, in part, that a scout will do his duty to God and his country, to keep himself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight. Yet none of these words were found in a statement from the president of the BSA, Robert Gates, as he announced a new policy to embrace—pardon the pun—homosexuals as scout leaders: “For far too long this issue…

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Transsexuals about to transform the military

July 14, 2015
Transgender military 2

  Pentagon leaders are finalizing plans aimed at fulfilling a goal of former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel — the lifting of the ban on transgender individuals in the military. An announcement is expected this week, and the services would have six months to assess the impact of the change and work out the details. Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter made the announcement yesterday: “We have transgender soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines — real, patriotic Americans — who I know are being hurt by an outdated, confusing, inconsistent approach that’s contrary to our value of service and individual merit,” he…

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How should Christians react to same-sex marriage?

July 13, 2015
God on our side

Since Obergefell v. Hodges concluded, we’ve seen a rampant uptick of opinions from Christians and those in support of same-sex “marriage.” Just Google “same-sex marriage opinions,” and you can browse through all 18 million hits. But something has been left out of the equation. Through all the defense and counter articles from each side, I haven’t really seen many Christian resources putting the burden back on the alphabet community. We should provide a strong shield from the Word of God, but there are some questions I’d like to ask the LGBT collection. First of all, if you truly believe in…

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Free IUDs and sex-change operations for children without parental notification

July 10, 2015
IUDs for children

A little over a week ago I wrote an article that documented the efforts being made by pedophiles to justify, and even legalize, their deviant sexual practices by claiming that their behavior wasn’t a choice, but the result of their sexual orientation. Of course, the orientation card has been successfully used by the LGBT movement for decades. Well, their desire to sexually abuse children might be too little – too late, because Oregon and Washington are already sexually abusing children in those two states. In Oregon, under a first-in-the-nation policy quietly enacted in January, 15-year-olds are now allowed to get…

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Left-wing radicalism and the collapse of discussion

July 8, 2015
Your opinion is invalid

By: Alex Buchmann Our President’s tweet on SCOTUS’s recent soiling of state’s rights represents the Left’s ultimate feeling towards those who oppose their agenda. I’ll post the tweet for those of you who wisely avoid social media due to remarks like this: Today is a big step in our march toward equality. Gay and lesbian couples now have the right to marry, just like anyone else. #LoveWins — President Obama (@POTUS) June 26, 2015 This tweet sent from the elected executive of a constitutional republic symbolizes yet another example of the radical collapse of discussion within our culture. Let me…

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