Obama military joins Gay Mafia in silencing Christian speaker

Gay-mafia2Ah, June. The official start of summer and the vacation season. It’s also the time of year for graduations and other special events at American military bases and schools across the country. And, as a result, it is the time of year when the henchmen–or should I call them hench-gender-nuetral-persons?–working for the Gay Mafia put out their annual hit on Christians who show up at one of these events.

And make no mistake, they are specifically targeting Christians; unfortunately, Obama’s military is helping them out.

Each June, Fort Riley Army Base–located in NE Kansas and home of the 1st Infantry Division–holds an event known as Victory Week where they honor current and former members of the division while commemorating their fallen warriors and celebrate the history of what is known as The Big Red One.

This year, retired Lt. General Jerry Boykin, an original member of Delta Force and current Executive Vice President of the Family Research Council, was scheduled to deliver remarks at a June 6th PRAYER BREAKFAST. Yet, within 48 hours of extending the invitation to the Lt. General, the event was cancelled following a complaint from the incorrectly named Military Religious Freedom Foundation because Boykin is supposedly anti-Muslim and anti-gay.

According to founder Mikey Weinstein, Boykin’s invitation caused great angst among soldiers, causing some of them to actually break down in tears:

“I have clients of ours weeping on the phone about this.”

Reminds me of an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie…

I mean, really! Somebody find these wimps a safe space! If they’re so emotionally unstable and afraid of a retired general with biblical views, you can only imagine how an Islamic terrorist about to cut their heads off due to their homosexuality will make them feel.

Weinstein went on to say how Boykin “sows hatred and heinous divisiveness with his sickening screed of fundamentalist Christian supremacy…,” and he concluded his diatribe by calling Boykin a “World Class Bigot.”

In his complaint, Mikey threatened to sue if Boykin’s appearance wasn’t cancelled, and he called on base commanders to aggressively investigate and visibly punish those responsible. And there you have it! The Gay Mafia doesn’t care about equality. They want unconditional acceptance of their deviant lifestyle choices, and they see Christianity as an enemy that must be punished and destroyed for not doing so.

In an official statement on the issue, Chief Public Affairs NCO MSG Mike Lavigne played tried his best to cover this obvious display of politically-correct discrimination:

“Lt. Gen. (Ret) Boykin’s credentials as a Soldier and leader speak for themselves and his 36 years of service to our nation are worthy of our respect. However, in an effort to ensure everyone in our broad and very diverse community feels welcome at any event on Fort Riley, we will pursue the invitation of a different speaker for the prayer breakfast once it is rescheduled.” (emphasis mine)

Everyone except Christians, I guess.

By the way, as has recently become the custom, Obama will provide for an honor guard to participate in the Gay Pride parade in Washington, D.C. later this month. In the meantime, the Constitution that every member of the military is sworn to protect and defend will be left unprotected and undefended at Fort Riley Army Base.


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