Win or lose in November, Trump and Trumpism is here to stay

Trump and Trumpism

“So, what do you think will happen in November?”

In a recent interview with Shannon Joy — her radio show is heard at 9 PM ET on News Radio WHAM 1180 — I was asked this question, and I responded that I believe Biden will win the two-party, binary election between him and Trump. I also suggested Democrats will not only keep their majority in the House but will increase it, and that Chuck Schumer will be the new Senate Majority Leader after they retake the Senate.

Although, thanks to the lily-livered leadership of Trump and McConnell, Schumer’s been the de facto Senate Leader on nearly every major issue since 2016.

I deliberately avoided using the word “predict” when answering Shannon because, as 2016 showed us, predictions aren’t always right … but I am 😉. My conclusions about the election are based on a gut-level interpretation of the news of the day, election trends favoring Democrats since 2016, and the history of betraying conservatism by Trump and his bought-and-paid-for Republican part.

Whenever I share my thoughts on the November election to others, I inevitably hear from the cult about how wrong the experts were in 2016 after polls showed Hillary beating Trump. What these torchbearers of Trumpism fail to realize is that the polls were correct because they only measured the popular vote. It was the pundits and party loyalists who were wrong about who would win.

But let me repeat: my opinions aren’t based on polls even though recent polling tends to support my conclusions.

I also hear from lazy, so-called conservatives fighting to save Trump and the GOP because #notDemocrat. They tell me that my #neverTrump and #neverGOP approach to conservatism is a waste of time because some day Trump will be gone, and the GOP will be forced to get its act together. They’re wrong for two major reasons.

To begin with, Trump isn’t responsible for the GOP’s demise. Republicans have been self-destructing under the “leadership” of Mitch McConnell for a long time; Trump is just the end result of that destruction. To say the Republican Party will change after Trump is gone is to ignore how it was responsible for him becoming President in the first place.

Next, it’s simply a fact that Trump and the GOP have adopted the far-left’s socialist ideology to create a new conservative agenda being promoted under the Nationalist banner. And it’s this rebranded conservatism that will become the identity of the Republican Party after Trump is gone.

For example, Sen. Josh Hawley has become a leader in the party and is considered Presidential material by many. Hawley, as you may recall, was a speaker at last year’s National Conservatism Conference (NCC) where he gave a speech that could have easily been given by Bernie Sanders. In the name of this new conservatism, he attacked the “powerful upper class and their cosmopolitan priorities,” and called for “a new consensus” to address the “discontent of our time.”

Speaking of NCC, another speaker at the event has been getting a lot of buzz lately as a possible presidential contender in 2024, FOX News host Tucker Carlson. In his keynote address, Carlson — who loves Elizabeth Warren’s “Economic Patriotism” platform because it sounds like “Donald Trump at his best” — proclaimed that big government wasn’t as much a threat to liberty as the private sector (free market).

If Trump loses in November as I believe he will, the next logical step will be for the Hawleys and the Carlsons of the Republican Party to run on a Trump 2.0 platform — all of Trump’s socialist nationalism without the baggage that comes from being Trump. Regardless of the outcome, however, the party that destroyed conservatism will continue embracing the socialist agenda of the far left.

And that means as long as there’s a GOP, Trump and Trumpism will be with us long after he’s out of office.


David Leach is the owner of the Strident Conservative. He holds people of every political stripe accountable for their failure to uphold conservative values, and he promotes those values instead of political parties.

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