Trump and Schumer cut deal to put America on fast track to bankruptcy

Having solidified his liberal credentials with the Democrat party, Trump’s journey (back) to the Dark Side is now complete. Trump, for all intents and purposes, is now the defacto Democrat president of the United States.

For liberals concerned that Obama’s legacy would end after Hillary’s loss—worry no longer.

And for conservatives who knew all along that Trump was, is, and forever will be a New York liberal, buckle your seat belts because the Trump Train is about to go full throttle on its way to Democratville—and it won’t be making any stops along the way.

Not content to simply delegate his agenda to Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi following their debt ceiling agreement earlier this week, Trump—the man who promised to eliminate the national debt in eight years—has decided instead to eliminate restrictions on creating more debt, thanks to a new agreement made with Chuck Schumer that permanently eliminates the debt ceiling.

If their agreement becomes law, any leverage limited government conservatives might possess to reduce the size and scope of government by controlling spending will be gone. In addition, the Constitutional power of the purse held by Congress will be irreparably damaged.

In yesterday’s commentary, I pointed out how Trump was a big-spending, big-government liberal who agrees with most of the spending priorities of the Democrat party. Permanent removal of the debt ceiling will free Trump and his fellow Democrats to advance every single item on their agenda without dealing with pesky details like how they will be paid for.

Not so fun fact: the national debt is already $20 trillion, not including unfunded liabilities such as Medicare and Social Security of over $107 trillion.

Yesterday, I also mentioned how the feckless GOP would make it easier for Trump to return to his roots—a fact validated by Trump’s favorite RINO from Utah, Senator Orrin Hatch. When asked for comment about eliminating the debt ceiling, Hatch said, “I want to get rid of it.”

No one wants to get rid of the debt ceiling because it’s good for America to do so. Even though it’s been used as a convenient crutch by both parties to hide their failures, getting rid of debt limits will only be good for the political self-interests of the establishment. It will allow Republicans and Democrats to spend without consequences, putting America on the fast-track to bankruptcy.


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