What would the Founders think of today’s America on Constitution Day?

EDITOR’S NOTE: Yesterday was Constitution Day, the day we celebrate the formation and signing of the U.S. Constitution by thirty-nine brave men on September 17, 1787. Unfortunately, most Americans are oblivious to the importance of the Constitution and how far we have strayed from what the Founding Fathers envisioned for our nation.

This sad reality prompted Conservative Review Senior Editor Daniel Horowitz to ask, “What would the Founders think of today’s America?” Check out his Constitution Day podcast below for his take on the answer to this question.

Today is the anniversary of the signing of the Constitution, but nobody cares. I relate the final hours of the convention and discuss the lessons we can learn from Benjamin Franklin’s closing speech and what we need in our era.

Then I move on to the Kavanaugh accusations. Rather than focus on details that we frankly don’t know, I draw two important lessons from this. One, Republicans always nominate milquetoast people thinking they can placate the Left, but then get burned by the worst accusations of all. Also, I discuss, irrespective of the truth in this case, the general problem with our culture of hyper-sexualization among the youth that the very people who claim to care about “me too” refuse to address.



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Daniel Horowitz is a Senior Editor at Conservative Review, a Conservative writer, and a policy analyst focusing on the hot-button issues in Congress. He is the author of the book, Stolen Sovereignty: How to Stop Unelected Judges from Transforming America.

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