NFL teams needing a punter should check out Trump and the GOP

If there are any NFL teams in need of a punter this season, they might want to send one of their scouts to check out GOP-controlled Washington.

Ever since the 2016 election, Trump and the GOP have punted the ball to the Democrats on nearly every one of their campaign promises, including: repealing Obamacare, defunding Planned Parenthood, fixing the illegal immigration problem, and getting America’s financial house in order.

Continuing with our football analogy, once the Democrats are given the ball, the GOP keeps its defense on the sideline, allowing the Democrats to control the game and march down the field into the end zone to the sound of cheers from the Republican bench.

The latest punt by Team GOP occurred Tuesday when all but six Republicans voted with every Democrat (93-7) to pass an $854 billion spending bill that’s not only fiscally irresponsible, but it continues funding Obamacare and Planned Parenthood and increases funding for the Department of Education. Remember when Trump promised to eliminate the DOE?.

In a post-game press conference after the vote, GOP Defensive Coordinator Mitch McConnell defended his punt-the-ball strategy by saying that it’s all part of his game plan to address America’s priorities.

“These milestones may sound like inside baseball, but what they signify is a Senate that is getting its appropriations process back on track, a Senate that is attending to vital priorities for our country.”

Left out of McConnell’s comments was the sad reality that Team GOP has done nothing of the sort; the $854 billion only covers two-thirds of 2019 spending. The remaining one-third will be temporarily funded via a continuing resolution until after the election. Another punt.

Even the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh was a punt by Trump and the GOP. I opposed the nomination based on Kavanaugh’s reputation as a member of the DC establishment and his opinion that a sitting president is above the law. I also opposed him based on his anti-Fourth Amendment track record.

Instead of nominating a solid constructionist like Sen. Mike Lee or Judge Amy Barrett, Trump and the GOP punted.

In a way, the punting competition between Republicans and Democrats could be seen as a game of intramural politics played by members of the same team every election year as a form of practice. When game day arrives, they both don the uniform of Team Unibrow and together take the field to battle America.

Unfortunately, Team Unibrow has been winning a lot lately.



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