Wealth redistribution and “Bake the Darn Cake” are all about violating property rights


We begin the show discussing the significance of Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s rightful capital. This isn’t just a good decision on foreign policy, it demonstrates that Trump is willing to smash failed paradigms and fight the Swamp to do so. Now he just he needs to get rid of his bad cabinet picks who are undermining him on this and other issues.

Next, we announce the candidacy of conservative hero Chip Roy, Ted Cruz’s first chief of staff, who is now running for House in Texas’s 21st district.

Finally, we juxtapose the insanity of the Left on taxes and health care with their view on coercing someone to serve a gay wedding with his private property. Both problems stem from a lack of understanding of basic property rights. Cultural Marxism is built off economic Marxism. The lack of regard for property rights stems from stolen sovereignty. We have the legal profession mixing up federal, state, and individual sovereignty. And the courts are the biggest threat to our individual and national sovereignty.

Key quote:

“We cannot solve our problems by making the same failed assumptions and repeating the same failed strategies of the past. All challenges demand new approaches.” ~President Donald Trump


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Editor’s note: Daniel Horowitz is personally acquainted with Chip Roy and has endorsed him in the election.


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