Mark Meadows’ and Freedom Caucus’ fake concern over budget deficit

According to Donald Trump, there might be a government shutdown on Saturday when the current debt ceiling Band-Aid created by Trump, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi expires.

Wouldn’t that be great?

Ironically, Trump claims that the possible shutdown is due to his agreement with “Chuck and Nancy,” specifically the part that deals with DACA, which Democrats want fixed as a condition to pass any legislation to keep the government open. This is an empty accusation on Trump’s part when you consider that he, McConnell and Ryan are onboard with Democrats concerning DACA.

Besides, Mickey has already guaranteed that there will be no shutdown for this or any other reason. Additionally, he promised to save DACA in exchange for Sen. Jeff Flake’s vote on the GOP’s TRINO tax bill.

Passage of the debt ceiling deal negotiated between Trump and the Democrats—along with the passage of a $4 trillion budget resolution in October used by the GOP as a launch pad for advancing tax reform—would not have been possible without a betrayal of conservative values by the House Freedom Caucus. This group of approximately 50 members within the House of Representatives claim to be committed to the concept of “open, accountable and limited government.”

But as we witnessed by their support of big budgets and fake tax reform, the Freedom Caucus cares very little about spending and the deficit, especially when there’s an election just around the corner.

When asked about the trillions of dollars in new deficit spending that will result from the budget and tax reform bills, Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows dismissed the matter, saying that the bills were “the only thing (he) could get through the GOP-led Senate.” Meadows also stated in another interview that it was more important to “get things done” than to hold out for “politics for usual” by insisting that conservative concerns with the budget be addressed.

Having caved to the GOP establishment and its supporters, Meadows is once again donning his “Mr. Conservative” cap now that the dust has settled on his previous capitulations. Believe it or not, Meadows now claims to be concerned about the exploding deficit that he and other Freedom Caucus members voted in favor of just weeks ago.

Like I said, there’s an election just around the corner.


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