WaPo: Black votes should count more than whites’ as reparations

Reparations Now

The idea of reparations for the descendants of slaves has been a topic of discussion in the far-left wing of the Democrat party for years, and there have even been rumblings that Obama might push for such an idea in 2016 before he leaves office. While the likelihood of reparations becoming reality is debatable, there remains no lack of ideas for ways to make America pay, for what the left would call, the sins of America.

Such as this little tidbit reported by World Net Daily. Theodore Johnson, a writer for the Washington Post, published an op-ed to spell out his idea of racial reconciliation, circa 2015: Blacks should get weighted votes so they “count for 167 percent of everyone else’s.”

Why? Because according to Johnson—a former White House fellow—blacks are still given inferior political treatment when it comes to obtaining fair housing, education, criminal justice and employment.

“This weighted vote, coupled with an increasingly active black electorate that in 2012 had a higher voter participation rate than whites for the first time in history, would offer African-Americans an outsize influence on national and state elections.”

“Politicians, finally, would have to truly compete for the black vote, or a substantial share of it, to attain or remain in office. This would provide an incentive, even for purely self-interested politicians, to prioritize African-American policy concerns and act on them, or face a loss at the polls.”

He tossed aside the “one person-one vote” belief of the American voting system, saying the “precise legal meaning of that phrase is still unclear.”

So, does Johnson have a point? Not according to national radio talk show host, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson. He’s the founder of the Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny (BOND), a black man, and an outspoken critic of the liberal left and the so-called black leadership found there. In an article written a few months ago on the subject of who’s to blame for “holding back” black Americans, Peterson says that they should take a look in the mirror. Here’s an excerpt:

Let’s face it: “White supremacy” and “what privilege” are NOT what is killing and holding blacks back today — blacks are killing each other and whites due to the rage and anger that exists as a result of the meltdown of the black family.

The numbers prove that.

The 2013 FBI Crime Report, a compilation of annual crime statistics, shows that black offenders killed 90 percent of black victims; 14 percent of white victims were killed by black offenders; yet only 7.6 percent of black victims were killed by white offenders. Blacks also made up 42 percent of all cop killers whose race was known.

The reason this “white supremacy” and “white privilege” argument is so popular now is because … the first black president himself, along with his racist attorney general, Eric Holder, and his equally bad replacement, Loretta Lynch, are promoting it!

Reparations, whether with cash or this unconstitutional voting idea, won’t fix a problem that doesn’t exist. And it’s time for black leadership to stop engaging in the blame game and stop playing the race card. It’s time for them to display true leadership by helping black Americans realize the unlimited potential available because they live in the greatest country in the world.

To quote Rev. Peterson’s article once more:

Someday, when we look back at these times, we will see this as when America lost its mind — and especially when so many black Americans lost their minds. They gave into blame and excuse making. Only a hard look in the mirror will bring back sanity to the black community. This is the real black privilege black Americans have been given and should jump at — one more chance to stop blaming and get it right.



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