After UN resolution and Kerry speech, is Obama saving Israel’s worst for last?

Obama rejected long-established U.S. policy last week when he allowed the UN Security Council to gang up on Israel. Using a document created by John Kerry and Susan Rice, the council voted 14-0 in favor of a resolution that Obama claims was a condemnation of Israel for legally building settlements in the West Bank. Little discussed by the liberal pro-Palestinian left is the fact that the resolution would also prevent Jews from praying at the Western Wall, and from living in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem where they have lived for thousands of years. This betrayal was strike one against the staunchly pro-Islamic president.

When John Kerry reinforced Obama’s betrayal of Israel in a speech yesterday by distorting Palestinian history and labeling the Israeli government as a group of “right-wing extremists,” it was strike two against the man some consider the worst foreign policy president in history.

Despite the incredible damage already done, the anti-Semitic president is still in the batter’s box, and it looks like he’s determined to go down swinging in his effort to equip Palestinian terrorists with the tools necessary to wipe the Jewish people off the map.

As I wrote earlier this month, there’s been a suggestion floating around the White House that Obama should officially grant “American diplomatic recognition to the state of Palestine” before he leave office on January 20. On January 15, Kerry will be addressing an international Middle East peace conference in Paris. Could Kerry use this as an opportunity to leverage his speech–and the subsequent outrage by those who support Israel–to complete Obama’s betrayal by granting such recognition?

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abba–a man who pays the families of terrorists that kill Israeli Jews–thinks this is the perfect opportunity to begin their stated objective to destroy the Jews. In fact, he is hopeful that the Paris meetings will be used to pass a plethora of additional anti-Israel motions in the UN.

Believers in the Bible know that a great war against Israel by the rest of the world will happen some day, a war that Israel will win and her enemies will lose. And if Obama completes his trifecta against Israel, the conditions for such a war could become a reality. But even if you don’t believe in the Bible or what it has to say about Israel, the betrayal of an ally by an American president runs against our values as Americans.

Either way, if Obama succeeds in his vendetta against Israel . . . it’s strike three!


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